Blogmas #1 Christmas Activity Countdown Ideas


In my family, we love nothing more than to celebrate throughout the entire month of December. Every year we mark our calendars, filling it to the brim with lots of family fun, Christmas events, craft days and even just simple cosy nights in. My partner and I also enjoy a drink (or two) in the evenings, after stocking up our cupboards with all our favourite Christmas drinks.

As both of us are working parents we make sure to fit in some family (or couple) time in the evenings while doing something Christmas themed. Typically, we make sure to fill each evening two weeks before Christmas day.

Having a young family certainly brings out the joy of Christmas! Having a child who could start to enjoy what was happening around him, last year was the first year I pulled out all the stops for the lead up to the big day. I not only made a list for all our usual Christmas events and activities but I also compiled a list of them into a Christmas Activity Countdown – allotting activities with certain days. To make it fun for the older children in your family, you could write all the activities on some scrap bits of paper and let them pick one a day out of a jar – so it’s a surprise for the whole family on what you will be doing that day. To avoid any upset, try getting them involved in the planning, too!

So, here is my list of Christmas activities (including some of my personal favourites) that are not only for the children in the family, but also something the adults can enjoy too.

#1 Christmas Craft Day

Over the holiday season, it makes an excellent excuse to make some memories with your little ones or even older ones if they are feeling a little creative. Not only are the results wonderful to hang up and hold on to as keepsakes but the children enjoy themselves as well. Here are some of my absolute favourites:

  1. Holiday-themed pictures. Each year I get my son to make some pictures to put on the wall, and afterwards they get put into a folder and kept for the following year. I usually buy some Christmas stickers, paint, glitter, crayons and let him go wild!
  2. Footprint Reindeer. Here’s how to do it!
  3. Salt dough Handprint Santa. Find the guide here.
  4. Snow Globes out of baby food jars – perfect if you have a baby as well as an older child
  5. Lolly stick Christmas trees. Click here for the tutorial!

#2 Make Gingerbread Play Dough. It’s fun to make and even more fun to play with! Here’s a good recipe I found to make it.

#3 Visit Santa. What better way to get your child in the spirit of Christmas than taking them to see Santa himself? Maybe there will be a few reindeer to meet, too!

#4 Christmas Shopping. Take in turns to take your children shopping for presents for their parent(s) or other relatives.

#5 Christmas Markets. Get all wrapped up, buy a nice warm drink and enjoy walking round some excellent Christmas themed stalls!

#6 Look at Christmas Lights. Drive (or walk) around to see your neighbours Christmas lights

#7 Write (or make) Christmas cards. A lot of relatives love homemade stuff so it is another way to keep the kids entertained!

#8 Make a Gingerbread house, or you could even cheat and just buy a kit! Much easier and much less stressful, especially with those little ones running about.

#9 Have a family ‘sleepover’ downstairs with a Christmas film, snacks, fun and games. Maybe invite other relatives round, too. You can even cosy up with each other while enjoying a nice hot chocolate with candy cane stirrers!

#10 Pinecone Decorating. Go pinecone collecting and paint them. If you dare, you could also use the dreaded glitter!

#11 Make Smores – a good old favourite among children and adults.

#12 Go Ice Skating

#13 Have a Christmas baking day! Spend a day with your children (or by yourself, with a partner or friends and family) to make an array of biscuits, cakes, cake pops, a Yule log or even a Christmas cake.

#14 Woodland Walk. Wrap up nice and warm, get your wellies on and let your children go wild and explore, while jumping around in muddy puddles. While you’re there, you could even go collecting some leaves to use later during your craft day to make some lovely pictures!

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