Missing Post Estimated to Cost us £750,000 this Christmas*


On the run up to Christmas most of us are thinking of our loved ones who we won’t be able to visit over the Christmas period, to celebrate in person. To show our friends and relatives that we are still thinking of them while parted during the festivities, the UK alone are posting thousands of cards and parcels. But how many of those Christmas cards and parcels actually make it to their recipients? A new study* from Data Label* has revealed that the loss of Christmas cards each year can cost us around £750,000 in wasted cards that never reach their destination; this amounts to 15 per cent of cards going missing.

Over the years, I have experienced a huge amount of post getting lost along their journey. Not only is this post that I was waiting to receive but also cards and presents that I have sent to distant relatives. Occasionally, I have been warned by my relatives that the cards I have sent down have been ripped open – presumably to check whether it contained any money. Luckily, the Christmas cards I posted did not contain anything of value but it is scary and shocking to think that our post is no longer safe and we cannot guarantee that it will ever arrive. It is difficult to tell whether our post goes missing because the postal service experiences overwhelming volumes needing to be processed during December, faults with our packaging or labelling or simply it looks to be of value.

I have several relatives who now refuse to post during the Christmas period and some who have permanently put a stop at using any postal services, throughout the entire year. This has partly come because of them losing a large amount of Christmas presents they have ordered for their children. Christmas can be a stressful time, especially for parents, and the added weight of important post going missing isn’t ideal, at all! The idea of waiting weeks for something that may not ever arrive, to then rush out and buy it for the second time (while cutting it close to Christmas) is something we all dread happening to us; but the reality is that it is happening to us a lot more than we may think.

A survey by Oxfam in 2014 has shown that 56 million people, in the UK, are sending Christmas cards – that makes up 88 per cent of people in the UK. With so many of us posting Christmas cards throughout December, is it worth it when there is a chance that they will never arrive? Has the time come to consider alternative ways to deliver our Christmas post?

Have you ever had post go missing over the Christmas period? What do you think is the solution to our problem?

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