Blogmas #3 My December Goals!


December is such a busy month in my house. As mentioned in [link to blog/title], my partner and I always over-book ourselves, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! This year has been no different and we have something planned for every weekend. We have filled our calendar up with family-dos, parties, evenings out, date nights, Christmas markets and much, much more! Our December is looking to be one glorious Christmassy time.

As it is a busy time for me (and my family) my goals often get lost along the way, but this year I’m determined to not let the holiday season get the best of me and my goals. So, here it goes… here are my December goals.

#1 Complete Blogmas

This is my first time attempting blogmas and in true Kaiden style I decided on doing it two days before it began! Despite it being my first time, I’m determined to see it through until the end. Although, I’m pretty sure as it gets closer to the big day and my family events are in full swing I’ll find it very difficult – but here goes nothing!

#2 Make Improvements on the Blog

I used to run this blog (albeit under a different blog name) for almost 5 years and I gathered quite a large audience. However, after I had my son and my mental health suffered a great deal I lost motivation to keep up with it and over time my blog went down to practically nothing. I decided to move the blog onto a brand-new site and create all new social media, to re-launch it altogether. There are a few tweaks that need to be made so I aim to do all of that over the next few weeks.

#3 Reach 200+ Followers/Likes on Social Media

Numbers are definitely not everything but when you used to run a very successful blog and start it from scratch it certainly drives you to achieve that all over again!

#4 Do More Christmassy Stuff During the Weekdays!

I don’t want all of the Christmas fun to be over the weekends, I want to spend time with my little boy doing some fun crafts, baking or simple woodland walks to collect leaves and pinecones. I want my boy to enjoy the Christmas period and get the most out of it!

#5 Create Logos

Very much related to number 2 on the list! I want to create a logo to use as my profile picture across my social media platforms and hopefully will get that done this month.

What are some of your December goals?

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