Blogmas #5 A Look at our Christmas Traditions


As it was the beginning of Advent this week, I thought I would share some of my family Christmas traditions. In our house, we love having the little things that make Christmas what it is – fun, family-orientated and building memories for our little boy. When we had our little-human we started some family traditions of our own and have carried them on since. Joshua is only two years old so we are still adding things to our list of traditions and will continue to do so as he gets older, so it becomes more magical and fun-filled for him.

Christmas Countdown

Before it’s the end of November we fill our December calendars to the brim with family visits, Christmas markets, woodland walks and much more. There isn’t a single weekend free where we are not doing something fun! Christmas is for family so we make the most of it.

Christmas Eve box

As Joshua is just two, he doesn’t really understand what Christmas is all about yet so at the moment we do a family Christmas Eve box, to share. As he gets older we will start making a personal one for him and fill it with fun activities to do during the day. Our family one mainly contains novelties and treats for the late afternoon/evening. This year we have put in: Christmas PJs, a Christmas book, chocolate Santa’s, hot chocolate, dinky decker’s, chocolate chip shortbread and a massive version of Joshua’s favourite lolly. We already have a range of Christmas films so we will enjoy the box of treats whilst watching a seasonal film and/or reading Joshua his Christmas Eve book.

Reindeer Food

When Joshua started going to play groups and nursery the staff there would hand out some Reindeer food to the children. The Reindeer food is simply made from porridge oats and glitter, put into a nice little bag tied with a Christmas poem on ribbon. Every year before Joshua goes to bed we take him outside and scatter the Reindeer food in the back garden, so Santa knows where to land!


Santa’s Treats

For Joshua’s first Christmas a family member had a plate made for him to leave Santa some treats on Christmas Eve. Last year we left Santa some baileys, a mince pie and some oats for Rudolph!

Christmas Breakfast

Breakfast is the only meal over the Christmas period that we have in our own home, so we have decided that every year we make this a ‘special’ breakfast. A few days before Christmas Day we go shopping for our favourite breakfast foods to lay out for a huge breakfast buffet! Last year we had croissants, pancakes, waffles, chocolate chip brioche, pain au chocolate, a full English, cereal, fruit and yogurt. This year we will most probably go for something similar!

Christmas Walk

After we have opened presents and had breakfast (in that order!) we always like to go for a morning walk on Christmas Day. As we live right near the beach, the local sports centre holds a charity Christmas swim – where locals get sponsored to dress up and take a dip in the freezing sea. We tend to take a nice, slow walk down to the beach to watch the Christmas Swim and as Joshua’s Nana volunteers to help, we also pop in to see her before heading back home.

Family Christmas Dinner

Shortly after we get back from our walk it isn’t long before we are getting ready to go out again. This year will be the first Christmas my Mum is living nearby so we will pop in to hers sometime in the morning before we head out to my partners Granddad’s for Christmas dinner. While there, we have dinner, sit around in the sitting room for presents and then stay late for Christmas games, drinks and family-fun.

For the years to come Santa will be bringing Joshua one present from him and the rest being from us – although Santa delivers them!

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