Blogmas #6 Favourite (Worst) Christmas Jumpers for Men

With the latest ‘Christmas jumper’ trend on the rise, almost every clothing shop features an array of equally hideous and surprisingly nice Christmas jumpers. For our son’s first Christmas my partner and I decided to buy matching Christmas jumpers for all three of us and do a family photograph. At that time, we were convinced we would do this every year and make it an embarrassing family tradition. Thankfully, it didn’t end up happening the following year as we were so busy… Joshua will thank us for that in a few years!

This year, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite worst Christmas jumpers! If you wish to purchase any of these jumpers, each title will lead you straight to the online shop!

#1 “Go Pluck Yourself” from Asos


#2 “Kiss me Under the Mistletoe” from Fancy Dress 365


#3 Snowman and Rudolph from eBay


#4 Elf from QVCUK


#5 Tesco Value Christmas Jumper from eBay


#6 “Stuff the Turkey” from eBay


#7 Snowman from eBay


#8 Santa’s Belly from Groupon


#9 Rudolph from Next


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