Blogmas #8 What Christmas is REALLY Like With Children


Christmas is drummed up to be all about the children, and while that is completely true, for the first few years of their life they actually somewhat ruin Christmas for the adults – at least to some degree. No, I don’t mind leaving early or adapting the celebrations to suit my child’s routine and needs but it does make it a lot more stressful and gives us adults a lot less time to chill out and have some festive fun!

Here’s a list of what Christmas is ACTUALLY like with young children and babies:

#1 Fussy Eaters

At a young age, especially up to three years old, children can be fussy eaters. Not the right texture? Doesn’t look right? Where’s the chicken nuggets? What’s that weird brown stuff? Roast dinners can be a definite no-no! This year will be my sons third Christmas and I can bet anything that he will not be eating the dinner put in-front of him. If the meat isn’t processed, there’s zero chance of him eating it!

#2 Celebrations Finish Early

For my sons first Christmas he was only 3 months old so we managed to get away with putting him to sleep upstairs, while at a relative’s house. We were even able to sneak him out of his cot, travel back to where we were staying, and put him into his own cot without disturbing him – still have no idea how on earth we managed that! But the following year was completely different – by then he was in a proper routine and wouldn’t accept sleeping anywhere but his own bed. So, we had to leave around 6:30/7pm to put him to bed.

#3 Playing Games Get Harder

With a little one running around like crazy, pulling you in each and every direction possible to show you something cool they found and jumping around from person to person it’s extremely difficult to sit down and actually finish a party game!

#4 The Dreaded Picture with Santa

Every parent loves getting a picture of their little-humans sitting on Santa’s knee, after getting a nice little present for them to get excited about opening later on (or, let’s face it, as soon as we leave the through the exit!), although – it almost NEVER goes to plan. For a few years you will likely meet Santa while dragging your child kicking and screaming towards the big, red, scary man who have a freakishly long beard! And no, they are not particularly fond of the idea of getting close to him, let alone sitting on his knee. But they will take the present anyway!

#5 Ungrateful

While we all dream of being the parent of that one child who is thankful and overly appreciative of whatever present they receive, that just doesn’t happen! God forbid someone gets it wrong because you WILL know about it.

#6 How Long Will the Decorations Last?

As soon as the long awaited decorations go up you will enjoy the first reactions of your little ones, as they look in wonder at all the bright lights and colourful things around the room/house. But that all quickly fades fast as they take an immediate run up to what they fancy breaking first!

#7 Fear of Decorations

Undoubtedly you will own at least one decoration your little bundle of joy will be absolutely terrified of and you will spend the entire season telling people that whatever they do, do NOT turn that bloody singing snowman on!

#8 Christmas Baking

A lot of parents enjoy the thought of baking some Christmas cookies, a Yule Log or Christmas cake with their children but the reality is so much different! They will want to do EVERYTHING, will not give up the mixing bowl easily and will scream while you put it into the oven because they just don’t get the whole ‘baking’ thing!

#9 Growing Up

At least your child will grow up and learn to love Christmas a lot more. When you can finally see the look on their little face as the magic of Christmas is truly alive – there’s nothing more wonderful! This is enough to make you look forward to doing it all again next year.

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