Blogmas #9 Stocking Fillers Under £5!


Little stocking filler gifts can sometimes be the most difficult presents to buy. You want them to be fairly small, something they will actually enjoy and use and fairly cheap; as there will be quite a few of them.

When growing up, stockings were a tradition in my family. My Mum would often sneak into my bedroom when I was asleep and place my stocking at the end of my bed. I was that little kid who would wake at 3am, far too excited to sleep, and get everyone up to open presents before the crack of dawn! As a last ditch attempt at keeping me in bed for a bit longer, my Mum decided to let me open my stocking whenever I would wake up in the hopes it would calm me down enough so I would either go back to sleep or, at the very least, let her sleep for longer. And nope, it sure didn’t work!

As stocking fillers are not the easiest presents to buy (although they really should be!) I thought I would put together a list, and all of them are under £5!

Stocking Fillers for Adults

BB-8 Ice Mould

Something for the Star Wars fan in the family! We all have one! Don’t we?


Beanies Winter Warmer Coffee

Perfect for the coffee lover in your life! Who doesn’t enjoy a seasonal-themed drink over the holidays? IWOOT have a range of different flavours (Brandy, Irish Cream and more) for you to try, so if this doesn’t hit the spot then there are plenty of others to choose from!


Chip Cone (Set of 2)

Do you have someone who enjoys entertaining at home, but also has an eye for retro things? Then this may just be the perfect gift for them! There very own American-style chip cones.


Prosecco Lip Balm

Because who doesn’t want to have the taste of prosecco on their lips all day long? Gin and Tonic lip balm also available!


Chocolate Pizza Slice

Topped with fudge and brownie pieces, this makes the perfect gift for that chocolate-lover we all know!


Sticky Notes Organiser

Know anyone who’s New Years resolution is (or should be!) to be better organised? Give the gift of super organisation with this sticky notes wallet!


Bacon Jam Relish

Like bacon? Like jam? What’s else to say? Perfect for pasta and burgers, if you dare to try it!


Comic Dress-Up Napkins

Because, why the hell not?! Dress up like your favourite superhero or comic book character by wearing one of these napkins.


Dice Drinking Game

We all love a drinking game (or two) at Christmas, so why not buy a few of these for your friends and family to enjoy over the festive period?


Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

Why not have a little bit of festive cheer all year round, while you grow your own little Christmas tree? Perfect for that gardener in the family!


Stocking Fillers for Kids

Melting Snowman

This one is perfect for young children who like finding some novelty presents in their stocking. Your child can have hours of fun while building their own little snowman and then watching it melt; but don’t worry you won’t be having any tempers over a present that lasted only 30 seconds, because they can do this over and over again.


Projector Torch

This is more for the younger kids in the house. You can pick from four designs (dinosaur, fairy, jungle and space) and images of these will project onto the wall or surface when turned on. My little two year old would probably be way too into this!


Tabletop Games

For anyone who enjoys having some family fun over a few board games, this is perfect! It’s not just suitable for children, but adults too. You have a few to choose from and some of those being: Charades, Guess a Sketch and Who Am I?


Selection Pack

When ordering, each pack is given a theme and is then filled with 5 Christmas items, along with a Santa lollipop. From the themes you can pick: Paw Patrol, Frozen, Disney Princess, Kitten and Father Christmas.


Personalised Retro Sweets

Perfect for those who have a sweet tooth! The box contains 41 items and some of these include: Swizzle Lollies, Popping Candy, Kinder Bars, Drumsticks, Love Hearts and many more. You are also given to option to include a personalised message inside. Honestly though, I wouldn’t personally call most of these sweets ‘retro’ but nevertheless, it’s something for kids (and adults) to enjoy.


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