Blogmas #10 My December Bucket List


#1 Make a Yule Log

Every Christmas since I was little I have always made a Yule Log – topped off with icing sugar for snow and an array of small Christmas ornaments. Growing up, I used to make it with one of my sisters and I then took it on myself as I got a bit older. It’s now something I’m continuing within my own little family. As me and Joshua are the only two who like chocolate, it’s usually me who eats the most of it – nothing’s changed there!

#2 Watch Elf

Again, this is somewhat a tradition (kind of!). Every year the main Christmas film that gets put on in our house is Elf – the same as when I was younger. It’s easily my all-time favourite Christmas film!

#3 Family Christmas Eve

As Joshua is a bit older this year, I have made a proper Christmas Eve box with things to do in the evening. We are going to (hopefully) watch a Christmas film, have some snacks and a hot chocolate – all while in our Christmas PJs. We will then read Joshua his Christmas Eve book (he gets a new one every year) and once he’s in bed, Jamie and I will have a nice evening together.

#4 Mulled Wine

On Christmas Eve, once Joshua has gone to bed, I’ll be making some of my mulled wine to enjoy while we spend an evening together and build some of Joshua’s presents.

#5 Have a Clear Out

We like to have a massive clear out of old toys, clothes etc just before Christmas to make way for the ton of presents we’ll be bringing home. While the clear out is happening we also have a thorough clean of EVERYTHING.

#6 Door Bow

You may have seen this online somewhere. People have recently been decorating their front doors like a Christmas present and attaching a big bow in the middle. I’ve gone for red and gold and will be decorating our door within a few days! (If I manage to get my hands on the bow!)

#7 Visit Santa

I’m not sure why parents insist on doing it, especially as a lot of young children hate it, but I have become one of ‘those’ parents. Despite Joshua not necessarily enjoying the moment he is with Santa, he’ll enjoy the present later.

#8 Visit Family

Every year we try our hardest to visit our distance relatives who we rarely get to see – most of the time we only get to see them once a year; at Christmas.

#9 Christmas Morning Traditions

Every year, we do a huge breakfast buffet and then go for a walk along the seafront. For us now Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without doing it. We all enjoy the massive breakfast and Joshua certainly enjoys running loose along the seafront watching the charity swimmers (in our town they hold a Christmas swim where people are sponsored to jump in the sea).

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