Blogmas #12 How to Make a Christmas Door Bow


The latest trend this Christmas seems to be that everyone is making their own Christmas door bows. This is the first year for us that we haven’t really decorated the outside of our house somehow. All we have is a lonely little wreath on out dining room window, looking out. So when I stumbled across this idea, I was sold! It looked fairly complicated at first but I soon realised you can easily do it in 5 minutes!

For those who are worried about the postman delivering your letters; organza is slightly stretchy so your postman should have no problems delivering your post. Although, if you’re still worried then you can always move it across to the side, leaving your letterbox completely free.

There are tons of companies out there who are selling people all ready-made door bows for £20 and up, but I made mine for just £3.99 and I have tons left over! Amazon is amazing for buying organza and here is the link to the one I bought.

So, here’s how I did it.

What You’ll Need:

  • Organza (or any material you wish to use)
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pins or Stapler

What to Do:

Step #1

The Organza tends to come on a roll to cut to measure yourself (depending on where you get it). To measure it myself I just allowed for 2x height, 2x width and enough left to tie at the back. I measured a little bit more than this on top, just in case!

Step #2

Start by posting the end over the top of your door, making sure the organza hits the bottom of the door on the front, and then post the remaining underneath the door, outwards.

Step #3

Bring the organza up from the floor to the middle of your door, where your bow will be going. Take BOTH ends of the organza and cross them over. Imagine your tying a present up with ribbon. At this point your organza should have an ‘+’ in the middle of your door.

Step #4

The two ends will now wrap around the width of your door. The side with your door handle on, wrap that end around the door handle to hold it tight while you do the next bit. Take the opposite end and post it through the hinge to the back of the door.

Step #5

Untie the end that’s on your door handle and grab the end that is poking through the hinge – pull it all through to the back of the door.

Step #6

Close your door and then do a knot in the centre of the door to keep it all in place. Cut off any excess, leaving a little bit hanging just to make it look a bit nicer. Both the back and front should look very similar to this (the front will obviously have no knot).

Step #7

Get your big bow and attach with pins (I used a stapler, works just as well).

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