Blogmas #13 Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers

Do you have a bookworm in your life who you’re struggling to buy gifts for? Then look no further! I have put together a list of perfect gifts for book lovers. I’ll be honest with you, they are all from The Literary Gift Company – why? because as a book worm myself, this online store is one of the best around!

#1 Excellent Women Notebook

This unlined notebook features artwork from the Virago Modern Classics edition of Barbara Pym’s latest novel.


#2 Librarian Badge

This makes the perfect gift for someone who owns so many books that they may as well open a library! It also comes gift boxed, for that extra touch.


#3 How to Kill a Mocking Bird Brooch

This handmade brooch is made from pages of the book and collaged onto a piece of wood. Every single one that is purchased is unique, so it makes an amazing gift that no-one else will have.


#4 Leather Book Necklace

This leather book and key necklace is a superb gift for any booklover. Not only does it look pretty but the notebook is real and can actually be written in!


#5 “She Is Too Fond Of Books” Pendant

The gift that says it all! This pendant is made from abandoned book pages and lettering to make the main quote, from Louisa M Alcott.


#6 “I Am No Bird and No Net Ensnares Me” Pendant

Much like number 5 on this list, this pendant is too made from abandoned book pages. The quote is from Jane Eyre!


#7 Go Away I’m Reading Tote Bag


#8 ‘Books Not Bombs’ Tote Bag


#9 Library Card Tote Bag


#10 Book Lunch Box

Perfect for those little book lovers who are still at school, or even the much bigger book lovers who take their own lunch to work! A great novelty item for all book lovers.


#11 Alice Through The Looking Glass Print

This framed print from Alice Through the Looking Glass would look amazing hung in any bookworms bedroom, office or living area!


#12 Go Away I’m Reading Mug

Makes a perfect mug to pour yourself a nice cup of tea to enjoy while you are snuggled up with your favourite book!


#13 Library Cushion Cover

J.L Borges quote looks amazing on this cushion cover and would make a perfect addition to any home of an avid book reader.


#14 Personalised Mug

Looking for a personalised gift for the book lover in your life? Then look no further!


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