Getting Rid of my Toddlers Comforter


A few days after Joshua was born my partner Jamie hoped that our newborn would eventually get attached to the Winnie the Pooh teddy blanket we bought him. Jamie would give it to Joshua wherever we went and have it near him most of the time. But Joshua had different ideas for what would be his comforter – his pillow. During Joshua’s first week home we bought a new red, fluffy cushion for our sofa to replace an old one we had. When Joshua was little he would nap on the sofa as that’s where he preferred, it never bothered me as I would just sit with him to make sure he was okay. But the one cushion he took quite a liking to was our brand new cushion. Joshua very soon started wanting it in his cot with him and wouldn’t sleep or nap without it. He’s now two years old and still won’t sleep without it – when we go upstairs to bed he will search for it (most mornings he brings it downstairs with him) and if it isn’t already there he’ll get upset.

This once soft and fluffy cushion has endured two years of snotty noses, food crumbs, drink spillages, being dragged over grass fields and all kinds of bodily fluids. It’s now a mix of red and black and rough, itchy and just generally disgusting – far from what it used to be. I have washed it many times over the past two years but it never went back to how it was before the previous spillage.

I never really gave it much thought when Joshua was little, about how difficult a comforter would be to take away as he got older. When he was a baby I would give him whatever he wanted to make him comfortable and happy, as back then I would rather him sleep happily than be upset because I was denying him something for very little reason. I also didn’t really think that he would get so overly attached to it, nor did I quite think that it would get so filthy and unwashable.

The day is quickly coming where we will have to get rid of it once and for all. How we’ll go about that, I haven’t got a clue. One method I have in mind though is to wait a little while until he understands a bit more and take him shopping for a brand-new pillow. I’m hoping that if I make a big deal of the fact he’s getting treated that he may happily part with it. That’s the dream, anyway!

I’ve tried to switch him over to another pillow that was given to him by his Auntie but whenever I suggest he takes that one to bed with him, he shouts “no” and chucks it across the room. I don’t think he was too impressed with my suggestion!

So, that’s been my experience with my toddler and comforters, so far. Generally, I’m not in too much of a rush to get rid of it but the sooner the better, if I’m completely honest, as I would really like to give him a nice, new, clean one. Although, how smoothly it’ll go only time will tell.

Did your kid have a comforter that they were really attached to? How did you manage to get them to let go of it?

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