Weird Benefits of Preschool


My son, Joshua, has now been going to preschool for 4 weeks. Before he started going I planned on getting back into my work on a much larger scale, which I have successfully done! The time he spends away from home now gives me more of a balance to work, home life and being a parent. I was a full-time parent for over two years, it’s been weird to now think that I’m not. I actually now a part time parent and that’s weird.

I’m finally able to get more work done and Joshua is coming home very content and learning lots. On our walks home he tells me all about what he’s been getting up to and often adds the new words or things he’s learnt into our conversation. Yesterday, he was telling me all about how wind is cold and comes from the sky!

Joshua has always been a Dada’s boy and whenever I’m around (which has been 24/7 since the day he was born!) he would always ask me for whatever it is he wants or needs. I’ve finally been able to not only sit down and work but also have a few hours break from having a toddler constantly strapped to my leg. But I do miss him like crazy when he’s gone and it’s such a new feeling to me as I hardly ever give him to others to look after him. When I pick him up he rushes to see me and tells everyone that I’m his Dada and that I came back for him.

Joshua being at preschool for 4 weeks has also made me realise all of those little, weird and wonderful benefits that I never thought of.

No Pooey Nappies

He just never seems to do them anymore! I’ve hardly had to change his bum at all since he started preschool – get in!

Pop to the shops

A couple of the days when he’s been in preschool I’ve actually managed to successfully shop within a few, short minutes – something that I haven’t been able to do since 2014! I can pop into any shop and buy just what I need and not come away with any additional chocolate, sweets or Peppa Pig toys!

Snot Cleaning

I now only have to clean his snot marks that trial up his right arm off of ONE item of clothing now! Joshua has a uniform for preschool and so that takes all the yucky stuff he throws at it, instead of his other clothes.

Waking Him Up

The day has come for getting my own back. After the years of Joshua keeping us up during the nights and/or waking us up early… it’s now my turn! Often, he decides to sleep in (typical, it’s never the weekends!) during the weekdays so we have to take it in turns with going in to get him up and dressed. He sits there very bemused at us, moaning that he has to get up at 7:30am – in our house, that’s a very successful lie in.

Bill Savings

Whenever I pick Joshua up I can put a bet on that he’ll ask to see his Nana, as at the end of the alleyway we have to walk down is his Nana’s house. Often, he won’t even give me much choice in it and he’ll just run off when we get to the bottom and knock on her door. This, along with him no longer having Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom on repeat all day, saves us on our electric bill! Surprisingly, our bill has actually halved in cost.

So, they are some of the few added benefits from Joshua being at preschool. Do you have any others that you would like to share?

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