Things Dads Are Tired of Hearing!

You may not have realised, but Dads are parents too! We are working our bums off to give our children the best life. We are doing one of the hardest but rewarding jobs in the world. We put ourselves last and it’s difficult enough without hilariously annoying comments.

Dads are parents, not accessories to parenting.

Here are my top ten things Dads are tired of hearing!

#1 Keeping Busy

The absolute worst thing I hear regarding my self-employment status is, “Well, at least you’re keeping busy” or “Don’t worry, maybe you can get a part-time job”. Freelancing is a proper career that I have chosen, it’s not something to keep me occupied. It insinuates that being a stay-at-home parent isn’t a real job, because I’m a man.

#2 Babysitter

I hear “You at home babysitting today?” a lot and it bugs the hell out of me. What I do certainly isn’t babysitting and I definitely don’t get paid! When people say that, it undermines my role as a parent. Just because I’m a Dad doesn’t mean that what I do is any less than what a woman does.

I’m a Dad. I made my little human. I care for him every second he’s out of preschool and I put every ounce of my soul into raising him.

#3 When Did You Get Him?

Occasionally, when I mention that I’m a stay-at-home parent I hear back “Oh, when did you start having him full-time?” Since day one! “Really?” Yes, really. Women aren’t the only ones who stay at home to raise their children.

#4 Don’t Want a Daughter!

“I bet you’re glad you have a son”. Erm, I didn’t really notice, to be honest. Well, I *noticed*, but I really don’t care and it makes no difference to me. I would raise them the same and it’d provide me with the same wonderfully exhausting parenting experience.

#5 Help Needed

“Give me a shout if you ever need help”. Nope, pretty sure I got this, just like I have for the past three years.

#6 Mr. Mum

Nope, definitely a Dad. This assumes that women are the ‘real’ parents. My son doesn’t have a Mum and neither does he need one!

#7 Sleep on Weekends

My partner is usually the one who gets this said to him and it annoys the hell out of us. “At least you can sleep in now”. Nope, still a parent on the weekends. Parenting doesn’t have a clock out time!

#8 Changing Nappies

When my son was a day old the midwife came over for their usual visit to check that everything was going fine. It was, it was all perfect. As far as the daily parenting duties were concerned anyway. But the midwife insisted that I didn’t know how to change a poo-ey nappy and she had to show me how. Believe it or not, I’m fully capable of changing my sons bum. I’m gonna be doing it for the next few years so I better get used to it.

#9 “You’re Doing It Wrong”

Similarly, to the one above, the same midwife was convinced I didn’t know how to make up a bottle of milk. She tried getting my partners Mum to tell me that I was doing it wrong, when actually I was making it up according to how much my son was drinking. But, quite clearly, women knew how to look after my baby better than me!

#10 Good Job!

I often hear from Mums that I’m “doing such a good job raising him”. Was… was that meant to be a compliment?

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