Hilariously Pointless Baby Products

Back when I was expecting my first born I did tons of research online for everything I needed. I soon put together a huge list of everything I needed. But a lot of the stuff I bought turned out to be useless baby products that I hardly used. Looking back, there were a lot of products I was convinced were going to be a God send but they turned out to be pointless and put to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about. New parents have a hard time preparing for their baby as it is and the market doesn’t make it much easier by stocking all these pointless baby products that we have no idea whether we actually need or not.

So, this got me thinking about all the hilariously useless baby products that I’ve seen over the past few years. Here is my list of the most pointless baby products out there right now, that people are actually buying.



Pee Pee Teepee

Yep, this actually exists. People are buying this for their baby boys! While it sounds cute and admittedly it does look kinda cute, too, it’s nothing that a towel can’t fix.


Baby Bum Fan

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either! Who has time to be fanning the bums of their baby, I know I don’t?! You know what’s good for nappy rash? Plain out airing out.


Bacon Flavour Formula

Just, why?


Baby Perfume

Finally, now you can cover up that awful baby smell, said no-one ever!


Bumper Bonnet

That’s right, parents. You can now walk away with the peace of mind that your toddler is completely safe from injuries now! I don’t know about your toddler, but mine definitely wouldn’t entertain the idea of wearing one.



Your children have many years ahead of them to be stuck to their smart devices and addicted to technology. Do they really need to watch Peppa Pig while peeing?


Poo Alarm

Finally, because all us parents have been wondering how we could tell when our baby has done a poop! Because the smell doesn’t give it away or anything.


BabyGro Mop

Yes, it may be adorably cute but it’s not practical. It is essentially a germ trapping magnet for your child to wear.


Baby Bangs (Fringe)

You know what would make your baby even cuter? Hair! I mean… just no!


WhyCry Crying Detector

This device claims to tell you exactly why your baby is crying. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let some piece of tech tell me how to care for my baby!


Crumb Cap

Thank the Lord! I’ve been getting tired of washing my baby after meal times. Have we really got the time to buy and use this for every single meal?


Baby Wipe Warmer

For all those times your baby has complained about the wipes being too cold. No? Yeah, me neither.


Changing Swaddle Wrap

Hands and arms flying about while changing your baby’s nappy may be difficult to contain at times, especially when they come near to putting their little fingers into their dirty nappies, but do we really want to be strapping our baby’s up? This may be going a bit too far.


Knee Pads

These have been designed for when your baby starts to crawl. Because everyone knows how strenuous crawling is.



Because everyone wants to be updated with a tweet every single time your unborn child kicks.

What are some ridiculous baby products you’ve come across?

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