My Son Used to Be Mute | #LittleLeaps


By the time Joshua was a few months old I was so used to him being advanced in all of his development milestones. Whether it was weaning, crawling, walking, sitting up… Joshua seemed to be doing it way before other babies. So, I just assumed that this would be how it would continue, but when his speech came in we realised that perhaps he wasn’t communicating as effectively as he should be for his age.

Until Joshua was two years old, he was mute around everyone who wasn’t his parents and he still struggles to pronounce words. Words such as “duck” and “car” sound exactly the same, which makes it difficult for people to understand him.

At one time, whenever Joshua was around anyone else he would only communicate by pointing to things or making the odd noise or sound, even if he was directing this to me. He simply refused to talk in the presence of others, let alone to them. I spent a lot of time with him to encourage him to speak around others and eventually he started talking to me whilst other people were around. As time went on I managed to get him to start saying “bye-bye” by prompting him. He is now 2.5 years old and he will not only say “bye-bye”, unprompted, but will also kiss them AND try to engage in conversations.

Although, his attempts at communicating with people is still something he struggles with. As he struggles to pronounce words properly, others don’t often understand what he’s saying and I have to act like an interpreter. When others don’t understand him fully he will often get so incredibly frustrated which leads him to tears, as he can’t understand why people can’t understand him.

But he’s now talking a lot better and at one point he was learning a few new words a week (thanks to preschool!). We can now have conversations and he can tell me what he wants/feels. Whether it’s something to eat, watch on TV or he tells me he wants to go to the park, he can get his point across much better. Every time we have a conversation, my heart melts. Every day he runs off happily into preschool and I can hear him talking away. He has come a long way and I’m so proud of him.

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