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Since I became a Dad almost three years ago, I’ve done some pretty disgusting things. But the weird thing is, it doesn’t actually seem that gross when it’s your own child. Somehow them being your own kid makes it all feel perfectly normal that you’re searching through their poo without hesitation.

The gross things that come with being a parent take up a large amount of your day so we probably don’t even consider them to be gross anymore – just a part of daily life in parenthood.

Here’s some of the things that I’ve found myself doing while raising my little human.

Catching Sick

As parents, we’ve all been there. One minute your little one is playing or watching TV and the next, they’re turning a funny colour. Are they unwell? Are they gonna be sick? Have I got time to get a bowl? Nope, it’s coming out now! So, you run, cup your hands and catch it with your bare hands like a bucket. You then walk off and wash your hands like nothing happened.

Wiping Snot

Young children seem to always have runny noses. We really should start carrying around tissues or at least keep the baby wipes handy, but we never do. We’ve all been in a situation where our little angels nose is running like a tap and it doesn’t seem to be stopping, so we just wipe the snot off their faces with our hands and occasionally, clothes.

Chewed Up Food

You’ve decided to treat your family to something other than turkey dinosaurs for once but your little one has decided that they don’t like it. But where to put their half-chewed mouthful? In your hand, of course! We’d all happily catch it in our hands rather than let it go on the floor.

The Test Sniff

What’s that on the floor? Is it poo? Food? Some other bodily fluid? I’ll just sniff it and see…

Discussing Poo

Be honest, how many times have you talked about the size of your child’s poo as well how it looked, while describing every detail? And how many of those times were out in public? Every time I change my sons pooey nappy, my partner will ask me how big it was, he will also volunteer this information when he changes our sons bum. The worst bit? We both equally appreciate this information and will happily discuss it in-front of people.


We’ve all been there, we’re in a restaurant, or at home, enjoying a drink to ourselves for a change when our child toddles up and demands some. We hand them our drink and after a few mouthfuls, we get it back. But our drink comes back with lots of floating crumbs and bits of whatever they consumed beforehand, and we continue drinking it.

Using Clothes as a Cloth

Sometimes when our children get dirty from eating or playing we don’t always have a washcloth on hand, so we simply use what we do have – our clothes. I regularly wipe my sons hands or face using my t-shirt!

I asked some other UK Parenting Bloggers what gross things they have done since being a parent and this is what they said:

Digital Motherhood (Sarah) – “My daughter lost her first tooth last month. It came out while she was eating a hotdog – I had to search through a mouthful of half chewed food spat into a napkin to see if I could find the tooth. (I couldn’t, she must have swallowed it!)”

Just Average Jen – “Looking through their poo for things they have swallowed to check if they have come out the other end, or things that are missing so we wonder if they may have been swallowed!”

Twinderelmo (Beth) – “Picking bogeys and earwax”

Emma Reed – “My son has just had chicken pox and he had them all around his bum hole. I had to sit and apply cream and stroke his bum until he stopping screaming with the pain. I said to husband now that is it love!”

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10 thoughts on “Disgusting Things Parents Do | SatDADay

  1. Oh wow. This is a lovely list. I’ve had a pretty gross week and I’m not even at the stage of having a full term baby yet. Thanks for sharing as it did make me laugh despite myself. #pocolo

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  2. Every day I am handed objects covered in slobber and I have to accept them graciously as if they are priceless posessions being offered as tokens of love. This happens at least 20 times every day. Peachy likes to give gifts. Sorry for the late comment. #PoCoLo

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