Our Easter Traditions

When I was little I used to always get given an Easter Egg each day over Easter weekend, so that meant I got at least 4 eggs. Often, I would get more. My parents also bought us all some presents and/or gave us some money, and as I got older this tradition remained. Although, this is the first year that my Mum hasn’t done this – which I don’t mind, as she’s focusing on my little human now.

But this got me thinking about other Easter traditions and how I’d like to continue mine on for Joshua and also create some new ones along the way.

Easter Eggs

As Joshua is only two and a half years old, we haven’t quite got to giving him an Easter Egg each day like I got when I was little, although I’m sure we will end up doing the same when he’s a bit older. But, for now, just the one egg is more than enough! Plus, he gets some from all other family members anyway.

Easter Crafts

Last Easter we started a new tradition, buying Joshua some bits and bobs to have fun and get creative with. This year we bought him an Easter Bunny money box painting kit and he got bought some foam eggs and a painting kit from his Nana (my Mum). Joshua loves painting and drawing so this is the perfect present for him, at the moment. Let’s hope it continues on for a while as I love keeping his little creations.

Easter Egg Hunt

This year his other Nana made an Easter Egg hunt for Joshua and he got straight into it and starting tucking into his eggs while walking round! As he gets older I’m sure we’ll host even more Egg Hunts for him and his friends.


For Joshua’s first ever Easter we bought a basket and filled it with lots of treats and gifts. We filled it with plastic toy eggs and Peppa Pig Easter themed things such as books and a laptop. He was well away and he still has his Peppa Pig presents now! While we haven’t done it this year, I’m sure we’ll pick it up again next year.

Family Meal

We also usually try and get around to visit as many family members we can and have a big family meal together. Combined, we have a very large family so it’s tough getting to see everyone but we usually manage to see almost everyone.

Happy Easter to all my lovely readers!

What does your family do over the Easter holidays?

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