The Little One Tag | #LittleOne

I was tagged by Janet over at Mummy’s Monkey Blog to take part in the Little One tag. It’s a fun set of questions where you imagine how your little human would respond.

Just a little note before we start: Joshua calls all children, regardless of age, “babies”. It’s cute!

Here we go!

What’s the best thing about being 2.5 years old?

I get to control what’s on TV, play with my toys and go to preschool to play with babies.

What’s your favourite toy?

I don’t have a favourite as I have so many. But I like playing with my choo-choo, digger and blocks. I like to ask Dada to build me big rockets. I also like playing with playdough and when my Dada makes me a cat, pig and a roar-roar.

Favourite thing to do?

I like going to the park and playing with babies.

Favourite outfit?

Whatever I can spill yogurt and cereal on without getting told off.

Favourite TV programme?

I really like Paw Patrol. My favourite is Chase!

Favourite book?

I have a lot of books and I like them all. I like getting my Dada to read me two books at bedtime. Sometimes I wake him up by shoving a book in his face.

Favourite food?

I like eating toast and cereal for breakfast. I also like eating chicken dinosaurs, chips and dip-dip for dinner.

Favourite song?

I like singing Grandpa’s Little Train from Peppa Pig, Wind the Bobbin Up and Five Little Speckle Frogs. I’ve learnt how to sign them at preschool and it’s fun.

What makes you laugh?

When I run away from Dada saying “catch me” and he pretends to be a roar-roar.

Who do you love and why?

I love my Dada, Papa and Nana’s. My Nana gives me lots of lollies.

I’m tagging the lovely:

Jade (TheNewlyWedSite)

Jessica (ThatMummyBlog)

Lauren (SophiesNursery)

Jessica (MakingLittlePeople)

I look forward to reading what your little ones have to say.

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