‘It’s My Thing’ Campaign | Fruit Shoot

For those who don’t know, Fruit Shoot are currently running a brilliant campaign called ‘It’s My Thing’. For this campaign, they are championing kids to… well, do their thing! As a parent, I feel passionate about encouraging children to develop their own identity and to let their personality shine through. Whatever they are passionate about or interested in should be encouraged!

Children are at their happiest when they are doing what brings out the best in them, so why not help them find their thing? For those children who already know what they are passionate about, Fruit Shoot are helping them celebrate it.


As parents, we should take pride in what our children are passionate about and celebrate it. If your child doesn’t have their ‘thing’ yet, then why not introduce them to a range of ideas that they can test out and see whether it’s for them? You may be surprised at where your child develops passion in.

Encouraging my son, Joshua, to have his own identity and explore the world in his own special way is something that I have been passionate about since before he was born. We were intent on never giving him restrictions and allowing him to freely express himself and explore the world around him to develop his own personality.

A big thank you to Fruit Shoot who have selected my son and given us £150 to spend on Joshua on something that he’s into. We’ll be looking into ways we can put this to good use over the next few weeks and will be surprising him with what we buy on his birthday!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the perfect prize for your child and their one ‘thing’, then search ‘It’s My Thing’ to enter their competition. Every day someone is being picked to win a unique prize which will let them continue with their passion.

What makes your child say, “It’s My Thing?”

2 thoughts on “‘It’s My Thing’ Campaign | Fruit Shoot

  1. This campaign is amazing! I don’t have kids of my own but I love watching my niece and nephew and my friends kids immerse themselves in something they love and learn new things!
    Congratulations on being chosen and I hope your son loves what he receives on his birthday 🙂 xx


    1. It’s truly a brilliant campaign and something I’m genuinely supportive of. There’s nothing better than watching children do something that they’re passionate about or enjoy.

      Thank you! We’re in the middle of sorting it all out for him, he’s going to be so pleased!

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