Stay-at-home Parent Tackles Distant Learning*

As a stay-at-home parent, I put a lot of my career on hold when our son was born and in fact my career changed direction quite drastically. Before we had Joshua, I planned on living up north, working as a film-maker and writer and then having a family a bit later on in life. I also wanted to go back and study in a few other fields that I have an interest in to see where that lead me. I’ve always loved learning so it was inevitable that I’d want to spend my life in school! Despite having a passion for film-making and writing, I’ve also always wanted to study child psychology (and a number of other things!) but I never got the chance and doubted that I ever would now that I was a stay-at-home parent.

So, when the opportunity came about for doing a course in Child Psychology with NCC Home Learning, I jumped at the chance. Doing distance learning is really my only option, not only because I’m a stay-at-home parent but because I also work – so I would find it near impossible juggling my time to actually go to classes. To be honest, I’m going to find it difficult doing this course at home as it is but I’m ready to give it a go! I will be writing another blog on how my experience went once I have completed the course and you never know, if all goes well, maybe I’ll go on to do some of the others I have my eye on?

Last week I got sent over my log in details and while I haven’t done any studying as of yet, I have managed to have a look around the online portal and read over all the bits and pieces (as well as doing a bit of reading for my first module). My first thoughts on the course before getting started was that the course would be somewhat complicated to navigate online and that it would take some fiddling around, but I was very wrong. The online portal couldn’t be easier to navigate, making my life so much easier being a working parent who has to grab as much free time as possible!

I’m able to access my course and modules whenever I want, at a convenient time for me that fits around my home and work life. The added bonus is that there are no deadlines to worry about, I can go at my own pace without rushing which takes the pressure off a lot.

If anyone is looking to do some distant studying with NCC Home Learning, then here’s what I’ve found out so far:

Everything in One Place

When I log-in to my course online I’m taken to a page which has absolutely everything I possibly need. There’s no need to navigate through dozens of different pages to find all the documents because it’s all right there in-front of me.

First on the page is an introduction to the course which gives me a downloadable ‘user guide’, which gives me all the information and guidance that I should need. The PDF outlines everything I need to get started, shows me where to find everything and so on. The PDF has been very simply laid out and straight forward to read.


As I scroll down the page there’s a list of my modules. Underneath each module is a brief outline on what I should expect to cover within the module as well as a link called ‘Underpinning Knowledge’. This document is what I need to read in order to gain the knowledge to complete the exam and course.

The ‘Underpinning Knowledge’ PDF outlines what I will achieve by the end of the module and then kicks straight into the information I need to learn. The PDF couldn’t be simpler to reader and it has been well formatted and written for home learners. But as I continue, time will tell just how good this information is. But my experience is nothing but positive so far!

Completing the Course

Once I have worked my way through all of the modules I have on my course, I can then complete the exam. Once I’ve passed my exam the certificate is then unlocked and ready to download. If I prefer, it gives me an option to purchase a hard copy of the certificate, which, to be honest, I think I will definitely prefer having.

I was also pleased to see that at the bottom of this page is all the contact information if I ever need any support or help during my course and that I can easily find my grades that are located within the sidebar.

So far, my experience with NCC Home Learning has been nothing but positive and I cannot wait to get started on the course properly and get to learning! I will update you all with how I get on with my distant learning journey, fingers crossed I get my diploma out of it!

Are you a stay-at-home parent and wanting to go back to studying? What are some of your thoughts and worries about going for it? Or if you’ve successfully completed a course while being a SAHP, I’d love to hear how you got on.

*Disclaimer: I was gifted free enrolment onto a course in return for this review.

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