6 Things Gay Dads Hear All The Time!

Me and my partner are very often at family gatherings or in social situations where that distant relative who you’re not sure you remember is asking you all sorts of personal questions about how you came to be a parent, all before asking you how you are, of course!

Here are my top 6 things that either me or my partner get ask, a lot!

“Is your child yours or your partners?”

Shockingly, BOTH. Now go away. Biology doesn’t make you more of a parent.


“Where’s the Mum?”

Just… nope. Not going there. There isn’t one!


“How did you adopt?”


Also, don’t assume that we adopted, because every gay parents journey to parenthood is completely different. We didn’t adopt and, no, I don’t really want to talk about it in the middle of a BBQ.


“How did you do it? You’re so young!”

I don’t know, Susan, what position did you fuck in to get your kid?


“Who’s the ‘Mum’?”

Here’s a wonderful thing, our parenting doesn’t revolve around gender roles. There isn’t a Mum and my son doesn’t need one.

Pizza Rolls
Credit: Red Bubble

“What do you tell people?”

Erm… our names!

To be honest though, most people act like gay parents are something out of myths and I often feel somewhat like a unicorn! In most forms we fill out they only have a space available for one dad and one mum, so we just cross out the ‘mum’ and write ‘dad’ over the top!


Are you a parent and gay? What are some of the funniest, or weirdest, things that have happened or been said to you? If we don’t laugh about it, I’m sure we’d all end up crying with frustration!

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