How to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding | Wedding Wednesday

Let’s face it, while a wedding wouldn’t really be the same without our little ones there to enjoy themselves on the dance floor and stuff their face with lots of cake, it can be tough thinking of some fun ways to keep them from getting bored. Because when kids are bored… they make sure everyone knows about it!

At our wedding we are likely to be having a fair few kids there and seeing as our son should be around 4-5 years old when the day comes, he’s going to need something to keep him occupied, along with the other children who will be there.

So, here are some of my absolute favourite ideas for entertaining kids at weddings, and a few of these I will most probably be doing myself!

Create Activity Packs

A great idea is to create something that they will not only be able to play with throughout the day (or evening) but it’s also a nice idea to double it as something that they can keep. It can also be their wedding favour.

Why not buy some cheap boxes and either decorate them or simply write their name on and then fill it with bubbles, love hearts, colouring books, crayons, a colour-in place mat and small travel-sized games? It’s bound to keep them happy, at least for 5 minutes anyway!

Cupcake Decorating

It’s no secret that children love nothing more than baking and decorating cakes, so why not give them a cupcake each to get decorating? If your budget and space allows it you could create a separate cupcake decorating station. Or, for those who don’t have the space, you could buy small platters that have sections and place a cupcake in the middle with different types of toppings in each section.

It can double as their dessert while keeping them happy for a while before scoffing their faces!

Outdoor Weddings

For those who are having an outdoor wedding (you’re braver than me!) why not create a fun carnival like section? You could have a range of games and activities such as hula hoops, football, hopscotch and ring toss or any other fun games you can think of. It’s also something that wouldn’t just be for the kids, but for the adults too!

Kid-Friendly Drinks

Over the course of the day the adults are most likely to be drinking a fair amount of alcohol, so why not create the children their own special drinks? You could create some mocktails so they feel fancy and grown up or offer them milk and cookies (you could even offer strawberry and chocolate milk too!).

Bouncy Castle

And last, but not least, the old favourite… the bouncy castle! I know, very predictable but with good reason – it works. And it wouldn’t just be for the children either, it’s definitely something that the adults could enjoy too.

So, there you have it. Some of my favourite ways of keeping children entertained at weddings. Are you having some younger guests at your wedding? What are some of your ideas?

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