Ultimate Cheaters Bacon Wrapped Lasagna | Recipe


I saw online a couple of months ago a lasagna recipe with a twist; it had been wrapped entirely in bacon! Which sounds like every meat-eaters dream on a plate and, trust me, it’s even more delicious in real life.ย But I decided to make this recipe a bit more family-friendly by making sure that it only takes a few minutes to whip up. Perfect for those who have little humans running around (just like me!).

You don’t have to pick the same Dolmio Kit as I did, but I thought that it had much more flavour to it.

Here’s how to make my Cheaters Bacon Wrapped Lasagna:


Dolmio Onion & Bacon Lasagna Kit
400g Mince
50g Cheese (optional)
2 Packs of Bacon



  1. Cook the mince with a little oil until brown
  2. Stir in the tomato sauce along with the flavour mix
  3. Line your tin with bacon, I personally went for streaky but I don’t think it matters too much!
  4. Place a layer of lasagna sheets and then top with mince
  5. Place another layer of lasagna sheets, white sauce, mince and continue
  6. Top your lasagna with cheese and then wrap the bacon up and over
  7. Shake the crunchy topping over the bacon (or underneath if you wish!)
  8. While the box says to cook for 30 minutes, it needs to be cooked for at least 45 minutes because of the extra layer of bacon on the bottom and top, on gas mark 4
  9. Cook until it is golden brown

Serve and enjoy!

Mummy in a Tutu

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