Tips for Staying in Hotels with Babies & Toddlers | #TravelTuesday

I remember the first time we were planning a trip with Joshua, he was just 3 weeks old and we were blissfully unaware of how difficult travelling and staying in a hotel room can be with a newborn. As we lived 6 hours from our family (both sides) we became quite good at organising for trips.

Over the past (almost) three years here’s some of the best tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Unwanted Peek-A-Boo

Until Joshua was around 18 months old we shared a hotel room with him and on one particular trip we quickly realised that he was gonna be aware that we were there and if/when he woke up during the night, one look at us and BOOM, he’d be up.

So he couldn’t catch a glimpse at us we used the hotels clothes horse/airer and covered it in towels and spare bedding, which acted as a room divider.

Get Organised!

Create a home away from home by organising all of your stuff as soon as you arrive. Being on holiday and travelling with a baby or young children is stressful enough without the added stress of hunting for everything. Create different spaces like a baby changing area, play area etc so you know where everything is.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

If your budget allows it, either book a suite or two connecting rooms to give you more space, as we all know children come with a lot of baggage! Then you’ll have room to move around your hotel room, giving your child(ren) a space to play etc.

Go Shopping

We usually go shopping before the holiday for snacks to keep in the hotel room. Our son usually has breakfast before the hotel starts serving so we keep him happy with some food in the room before our proper breakfast. Also, it’ll save you money as you can use it to make some packed lunches for when you’re travelling out for afternoon trips.

Bed Guards

Most bed guards are meant to be travel-friendly but when we have so much stuff to pack already anything that we can leave behind is great. Joshua is almost three years old so he needs a bed guard. Instead of taking your own from home why not tuck a pool noodle under the sheet?

Sound Proof Your Room

One thing I didn’t realise before being a parent is that hotels are incredibly loud places! We’ve stayed in a lot of hotels over the past few years and most of the time even the toilet flushing is mega noisy. So Joshua didn’t wake up during the night (too much!) we rolled towels and tucked them underneath all the doors to minimise the noise that came through.

Have Something to Do

When Joshua was little, his bedtime just wasn’t flexible so we often found that we were sitting in the dark, quiet room with nothing to do, and as we were sharing we couldn’t make much noise. We learnt from that experience and next time we went prepared with some board games, books and dim camping lights.

Still Drinking Milk?

Back when Joshua was still on (fresh) milk we would stick it in the sink of cold water, which helped to keep it cold/cool overnight. Or if you’re able to get hold of some, use ice and some hotels will be able to give you ice buckets too!

Sleep to Music

When we stayed in a caravan for the first time we knew it was going to be noisy so we went prepared for the worse. The noise levels turned out to be an absolute nightmare so we were glad we predicted it. For a week before we left we got Joshua used to sleeping with music (we bought him a CD player and a baby music CD) which let Joshua sleep peacefully while the drunken teenagers were running around outside playing loud music. By the time the CD finished, Joshua was in a deep sleep.

Have you discovered any hacks to making staying in a hotel with a baby (or toddler) any easier?

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