Quirky Homeware Buying Guide*

We all window shop online, right? Well something I always find myself looking at are novelty gifts or quirky pieces for my home. Two of my go-to online stores whenever I fancy having a peek at some fun items are Firebox and iWoot. Seriously, I love most of what they sell and could spend thousands shopping there if my bank balance agreed! Not too long ago I bought my lovely beach hut planter from iWoot and I LOVE it.

We all know someone who loves new quirky and fun additions to their home, or maybe that person is you? Have a browse below and see if anything catches your eye…



The Illumibowl is such a fun idea! It’s a motion activated toilet night light and you can either set it to stay on the one colour or rotate through all 9 colours. Not only does it give the man in your life no more excuses for his poor aim but it will also entertain the little ones during potty training too – when ours arrived my son was mesmerised by it! Is it weird that he gathers by the toilet to watch his own personal bathroom light show? Probably!

Diplodocus (Green) Lamp

Credit: Firebox

Now, I had to tell my inner-geek to put away the credit card when I first saw this lamp! Light up your living area with a fantastic prehistoric beast. You can either purchase the Diplodocus (my personal favourite) or choose from the other two dinosaur options. The lamp comes with an energy efficient light bulb but sadly only works with UK plugs.

Skate-Chopping Board

Credit: The Fowndry

Fancy adding a bit of colour to your kitchen? This retro skate board comes in blue and orange but don’t worry, it has a flat deck so there are no wheels! Where the wheels should be are rubber pads to ensure a non-slip surface.

Cactus Coasters

Credit: The Discovery Store

Once again, I had to put away my credit card and stop myself from purchasing, I genuinely fell in love with this set of cactus coasters. The terracotta pot comes with 6 interlocking cactus coasters that have been made with 100% natural cork covered wood.

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

Credit: Love the Sign

Wanna add something a bit different to your kitchen? Then this Elephant drainer will do the trick. You can even use it in the bathroom as a toothbrush holder! Just point the trunk in the sink and it will flush out any extra water.

Pineapple Pen Pot

Credit: ASOS

If you’re in the process of decorating your office or desk area and are looking to add a flash of colour, then this pineapple stationary pot is the perfect thing. It’s available in a variety of colours (although the pink is gorgeous!) and has been made 100% out of plastic.

Did you choose to buy any of these? I would love to hear from you if you did and whether you love it as much as I do!

*Disclaimer: I received the Illumnibowl in return of an honest review.

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