Hapes’ George Luck Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle | Review*

I got sent this lovely Hape’s George Luck’s Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle to review (with the help of my tiny tornado, of course!). The puzzle is suitable for 3+ years old and is available to purchase in Debenhams. One of the reasons why I love this product is that wooden toys are so wonderfully made and will last a lifetime! The vibrant colours also make it beautiful to look at.

Joshua & Puzzle

As soon as I gave Joshua his brand-new puzzle, he ripped it out of my hands and excitedly spread out on the floor to begin playing. He loves puzzles and anything that requires some thought and problem solving, so this was the perfect thing for him. Since he got it, he has played it with around 6+ times a day, he absolutely loves it – despite being convinced that the Mama rabbit is eating her baby rabbit. Once he’s put it together he usually exclaims “Dada, that eat it” (oh dear – kids!).

The only one tiny (and it is tiny) let-down of this puzzle is one of the 7 pieces is impossible to ‘slide’ into place like the others – which is how Joshua lines his puzzles up to put them together. One of the larger pieces you have to hover over to line up and press down, which is a tad complicated for Joshua to get the hang of just yet, but with the help of this puzzle he’ll soon pick it up I’m sure.

J & Puzzle

Joshua loves sitting on the floor or sofa with us doing his puzzle and he often involves us by asking us to place the pieces, as directed by him. He quickly learnt where all the pieces went, thanks to the wonderful colours, but it still remains an exciting toy for him to play with and keep him busy. He runs to find it most mornings or afternoons and will sit for ages doing it over and over. He’s even protective over it and won’t let anyone touch it unless they have permission!!

As I mentioned above, I absolutely LOVE wooden toys and Joshua has quite a few wooden toys in his collection. Would your little human enjoy this George Luck’s Rainbow Rabbit puzzle?

*Disclaimer: I received this product in return of an honest review.

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