Stop Comparing Children & Their Milestones!

I’ve written about the judgement that parents face and here I am again.

Katie Price has recently been publicly criticised after posting a picture on Instagram of her two-year-old daughter, Bunny, who looks to be wearing a nappy and is drinking from a bottle. People very quickly jumped to criticise her for allowing her daughter to not be potty trained and still be drinking from a bottle.


One person said, “A nappy & a bottle?? Cmon Kate let her grow up!!!!” while another said “She’s a bit big for a bottle…. #Cup”

So many people were making comments like the one above, telling Katie that she should stop her daughter from drinking from bottles and potty train her immediately. I’m sorry, what?! Bunny is two-years-old, she is practically still a baby!

Another person slammed those who were criticising Katie by writing, “Why do other people find it necessary to criticise other people’s parenting???”

Bunny may simply not be ready to be out of nappies and may use her bottle for comfort. It’s not for us, who don’t know anything about her little girl, to judge when she is ready for potty training. Katie is her parent and knows exactly what’s best.

Other people were commenting to say that their child was potty trained by this age and were certainly not using bottles either. Well, bloody well done you!! No one cares when your child ‘did this’ or ‘did that’ and how dare you compare children to each other. Every child is different and will do things in their own time. Leave the parents to do the parenting!

My son, Joshua, is almost three years old and is still in nappies and showing almost no sign of being ready for potty training but I really couldn’t care less. We bought a potty and a child’s toilet seat when Joshua was 18 months old so it was all ready for him when he started showing the signs of being ready, but there has been absolutely no rush from us to get him out of nappies. The main thing is that he’s happy and doing what’s right for him, on his own terms. We routinely encourage him to sit on his potty (or toilet) but there is never any pressure. He has recently started telling us when he wants to go, so it’s good that he’s becoming more aware of what he’s doing so it’s just the matter of him actually doing it now. But as I said, he will do it when he’s ready!

All children potty train at different ages and rushing a child when they are not ready does more harm than good. If you make a big deal out of it then the child will either shy away from it altogether or feel so pressurised that they become worried about doing it right – and fear isn’t what you want your child to feel or experience during potty training. Potty training should be encouraged and made fun and enjoyable, not scary.

So, next time you feel yourself about to comment on someone’s child… don’t! Keep your nose out of other kids shit (literally!).

2 thoughts on “Stop Comparing Children & Their Milestones!

  1. Yes! I absolutely hate side-line parenting! You are not entitled to give your parenting “wisdom” to those who don’t wish to hear it. Like you said, every child is different. No one knows their child better than their parents. What if a child is globally delayed, or has other problems that their parents haven’t wished to share with the world? I wish people would keep their noses out of other parents business and just leave it be!

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