Funny Things About Being an Autism Parent

If you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram then you’ll know that this past weekend, we had a pretty stressful time with Joshua. He was having meltdowns galore and nothing seemed to help calm him down. So, to find some humour in our journey, I’ve decided to write a list of funny things about having an ASD child*.

*Before I start properly, I just want to say that while we’re sure that Joshua has autism he has not been diagnosed or formerly had an assessment yet.

We’ve Got Enough, Right?

When we go shopping I optimistically say “I’ll buy just the one loaf of bread this week, we’ve got enough” and within one day, I’m regretting my choice.

Getting a Babysitter

When people say to us, “Why don’t I have him so you can relax and have some couple time?”:


Military Planned Dinner

Saying, “I’ll just dish up dinner” couldn’t be more wrong. It requires careful planning and military precision!

Will He Really Taste the Difference?

When someone suggests or offers to buy a different brand of food:


Organised Mess!

My house isn’t messy, honest! My son has just designed it how he wants. It may appear that things are everywhere, but they’re exactly where they should be.

Here’s a list of people I trust to look after Joshua:


No Comparisons!

Other children around Joshua’s age are learning to read or recognise words and I’m jumping for joy because he tried a new food today or the collar of his top didn’t bother him.

Socks, Socks, Socks!

While on the topic of clothes, there most definitely is a wrong way to put on socks!

Going Out Is Stressful

Other parents happily sit down on the bench at the park or soft play, meanwhile we’re very closely behind him at all times because we never know what he may do next.

Labels Are the Demon!

He will often appear to be in physical agony when actually the tag in his top is bothering him, so he may as well be!

Following Instructions

When I give Joshua instructions he will follow them to the letter, often resulting in him doing the wrong thing!

Are you an autism parent? What are some of the things you find amusing that gets you through the tougher days?

One thought on “Funny Things About Being an Autism Parent

  1. Lot of recognition here! There were bumpy bits in my boy’s socks again today.

    My funny things in the last 3 hours:

    One does that simply get dressed, at each stage we must roll around, bounce

    One does not simply eat a banana, first Mama you must pick off all the stringy bits

    If Mama asks me to put my bowl in the sink I must first dump all the milk onto the floor.

    Oh the joys.

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