Miffy Books | Review

*This post is in association with Miffy

Miffy books are a little snippet of my childhood, so it was great sharing them with Joshua and seeing him enjoy them in the same way. They are all such cute little books, filled to the brim with colourful, bright, yet simple illustrations.


Introducing Joshua to the world of Miffy was great fun. We both loved the rhythm of the books and Joshua was engaged throughout the stories. Joshua is such a little book worm, so he demanded us to read all three in one sitting! They were great for encouraging Joshua to talk about what was happening in the books, so at each page we spoke about what was happening in the pictures.

These are such great books especially for little ones who enjoy the rhythmic style and who are starting to or able to recognise words and engage with the story. They are even more wonderful for children who are learning to read as the illustrations make it so visually appealing. After we finished reading one, I found Joshua wanting more and more.


In Miffy is Crying, Miffy goes to bed with her bear and we follow as she loses her bear and hunts for it. Miffy gets upset and cannot sleep without her bear but finds it in the end before settling back in bed again. Joshua was thoroughly engaged right from the beginning of this book and as soon as the book started and Miffy gave her bear a cuddle, Joshua said “aww” (as he also cuddles his bear in bed every night). As soon as Miffy lost her bear, he gasped and exclaimed “oh no, where bear?” and was happy once she found it again.

In Miffy’s Bicycle we follow Miffy as she goes on a bike ride on her bicycle. Joshua absolutely loves bikes and he is always riding his both in the house and outside! Once again, he interacted brilliantly with the book and character. Especially as Miffy climbed a hill and he shouted “wheeeee”!

In Miffy at the Seaside we follow as Miffy has a day at the beach. This one was Joshua’s absolute favourite as he is obsessed with going to the beach and arcades now that it is summer time! As soon as he realised what the book was about he excitedly shouted, “BEACH?” and soon asked, “me beach?” so I had to promise to take him at the weekend (thanks, Miffy!). He loved hearing all about what Miffy got up to and found it hilarious that she was wearing clothes for some reason.


As our bedtime reading came to an end, he asked for another. I had to tell him that it was now bedtime but we could read them again tomorrow. The next morning, bright and early at 6am, Joshua was running into our bedroom, clambering on the bed and shoving his Miffy books in our faces until we started reading them to him again. He snuggled down and listened to all three all over again and got just as excited and engaged as he did the first time round. I think Miffy is going to be favourite in our house for a long time to come!

What are some of your little one’s favourite books?


*I was sent these wonderful books to review, but all opinions are my own

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