Sealife – A Great Day Out With the Kids!

*This post is in association with Sealife

If there is one day out that we love as a family, it is getting up close with animals. Whether it is a zoo, petting zoo, aquarium or even a farm –  it is always a guaranteed winner.

In Suffolk, we are lucky to be surrounded by so many brilliant places to visit, for all ages, and SeaLife is no different. We have been taking Joshua to SeaLife centres since he was 11 months old and he enjoys them just as much as he did on his first visit.

This time, we visited Great Yarmouth’s SeaLife centre. This was the first time he got involved in every section; whereas before he had fun wandering around looking at all the colours, listening to the music and watching the fish swim around him. This time, there was so much for Joshua to enjoy that he ran between each room and he couldn’t wait to see what was next.

What’s that..?
Joshua loving the sharks swimming above us!
Having a good look!

Most of the rooms are dark, with all lights and colours to see. Although, Joshua was concerned that someone had turned the lights off (ha!). It was lovely seeing him interact with all the little pieces throughout the centre. The SeaLife centre at Great Yarmouth is great for having lots of interactive sections dotted around such as buttons, colouring stations, caves, noises and even a big Submarine that you can go inside.


Having fun in the Submarine
He found the colouring station!

The Submarine was by far Joshua’s favourite part of the experience, as he got to wander inside and pretend to be fixing all the pipes, pressing buttons to hear all sorts of sounds and get closer to the fish through the windows. It was great fun for us to see him get this involved this time.

Whatever age, you will find something in each section or room for your child to enjoy. As I have said before, we have been visiting since Joshua was really young and he has always loved visiting.


Little Extras

Another thing that I love about SeaLife is that they tend to have a soft play area, with a cafe and gift shop at the end of your visit. The soft play is included in the price of your ticket.

While we sat down and had a drink after chasing Joshua around, we could overlook Joshua playing. The soft play area isn’t the biggest but it is great for keeping an eye on your little ones and they have amazing fun all the same!

Another great thing about SeaLife is that you are able to get your hands stamped in case you wish to pop back again during the day – which is perfect for anyone who is planning a day out nearby. The Great Yarmouth SeaLife centre is located on the seafront, so there is no reason why you can’t enjoy everything else that is on offer around the area and pop back before you journey home.

We all had a wonderful afternoon, here are a selection of some of the photographs that we took:







Disclaimer: I was gifted entry tickets in exchange of this post.


4 thoughts on “Sealife – A Great Day Out With the Kids!

  1. Oh I totally agree with you about the sea life centres. We always enjoy them too, and they really do grow with the children. I think the submarine area would be our favourite there too! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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