Sealife – A Great Day Out With the Kids!

*This post is in association with Sealife

If there’s one thing that our family love, it’s visiting places where we can get up close with animals. Whether it’s a zoo, petting zoo, aquarium or a farm, we always have tons of fun. Joshua loves animals so it’s always a winner in our house.

Living in Suffolk, we are surrounded by so many outdoor zoos but there aren’t many that are inside. It can be so difficult thinking of places to take the little ones because you either have to rely on the weather being good, as well as not being sure that they will enjoy themselves because of their age. So many activities say that they are good for younger children but when you get there, they hardly enjoy themselves at all. But Joshua is 2 years 10 months old and he absolutely loved our afternoon out!

We have been taking Joshua to Sealife centres since he was 11 months old and aquariums have always been a winner. When he was little, he would enjoy looking at all the colours, lights and watching the fish move around.

This time, we visited Great Yarmouth’s Sealife centre and Joshua got so involved in each section he went in. There was so much for Joshua to enjoy that he couldn’t help but run into each room (very over-excited!) and then move straight onto the next because he couldn’t wait to see. We spent our entire visit calling him back into every room we entered, but that just meant that he was enjoying himself!

What’s that..?
Joshua loving the sharks swimming above us!
Having a good look!

Most of the rooms are darker where all the lights and colours make it all much more interesting for the little ones. But Joshua was so concerned that someone had turned the lights off (HA!). The other times we visited Joshua was able to enjoy all the lights, colours and watching the fish swim about but this time he was able to get much more interactive. Our local Sealife centre is Great Yarmouth and it’s great for having lots of interactive sections dotted around such as buttons, colouring stations, caves and even a big Submarine you can go inside.


Having fun in the Submarine
He found the colouring station!

The Submarine was by far his favourite part because he got to go inside and pretend he was fixing all the pipes, pressing buttons to hear different sounds and get closer to the fish through the windows. It was great seeing him get involved with the whole experience this time around! But whatever the age of your child, you will definitely find something in each section or room for them to enjoy.


Little Extras

What I love about the Great Yarmouth Sealife centre is that it has a soft play area attached onto the café and gift shop, which is included in the price of your ticket. While we sat down and had a drink, we could overlook Joshua in the soft play area. Although, as soon as he spotted it he legged it up with his shoes on and we had a right job persuading him to come back down to get them off!

We were also told upon entering that we could get our hands stamped if we wanted to leave and come back again, as our ticket allowed us to pop back in throughout the day up until closing, which is perfect for families visiting Great Yarmouth for the day and would like to come back for feeding sessions, talks or even just to walk back around again.

We all had a lovely afternoon out so I couldn’t help but take so many pictures, but here are a selection of some of my favourites:







Disclaimer: I was gifted entry tickets in exchange of this post.


3 thoughts on “Sealife – A Great Day Out With the Kids!

  1. Oh I totally agree with you about the sea life centres. We always enjoy them too, and they really do grow with the children. I think the submarine area would be our favourite there too! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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