Family Fun with Airfix!

*This post is in association with Airfix

To celebrate the release of Dunkirk, we were sent four kits from Airfix to build and enjoy. Two quick build kits for Joshua and two beginner kits for me. When they arrived, we had some great fun building them together.

Quick Build – 5+ Years Old

Joshua was sent the QuickBuild Messerschmitt 109 and QuickBuild Spitfire to build and he thoroughly enjoyed doing both, he called them his “blocks” and wanted to continually build and destroy all day long! Which is the great thing about the Quick Build kits, they are much like LEGO in the way that they can be built and re-built.

The Kit

These Quick Build kits are perfect for getting younger kids involved in building and crafting Airfix models – a wonderful way to introduce them to the kits as they get older. These kits do not come with any glue or paint and are very simple (and mess free!) to build.

Some of the pieces of the kits are tiny, so it is best not to let younger children build unless they are supervised. To be honest, children may need some help from an adult anyway as some of the steps are a bit fiddly! What is amazing about the kits is that they come with tiny details that you may not notice at first glance – such as a pilot.

To finish the build, they also come with a display stand so you can show your creation off. We have already displayed Joshua’s on a shelf in his bedroom, where I’m sure they will stay and be enjoyed for years to come.

Messerschmitt 109

Beginner Kits – 8+ Years Old

I was sent two kits to build which were the Supermarine Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf109E-3. Seeing as Jamie has always wanted to get into Airfix, we decided to make an evening of it. I built the Supermarine kit and Jamie built the Messerschmitt.

The Kit

Our kits were fairly simple to put together. Once we got into the rhythm of it, it was simple enough to build and paint within the evening. The beginner kits are brilliant and come with everything you need to get started. Much like the Quick Build kits, the details are amazing. The cockpit, seat, pilot… up close you really do appreciate it.

However, what me and Jamie did agree on was that the instructions could have been a tad clearer in parts. We also felt that some of the pieces weren’t as sturdy as we expected them to be and they snapped – sadly. But luckily they don’t show in the finished model.

Check out our dodgy painting below! We may not be the most artistic people, but we had great fun nevertheless.



Overall, we had a great day building our kits, for some family time together. Would we buy more kits? Absolutely!!


Disclaimer: I was sent these kits to build for an honest review of our experience.

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