Samsung S8+ Review* | With Photos

Recently, I was sent the Samsung Galaxy S8+ from Three to test-drive for a month. I’m definitely not a tech-savvy person as such so this review will be from a bloggers point of view. Being a blogger, freelance writer and Dad, I’m constantly using my phone so my review will be based on how I used it and how it fitted in with my life and work.

To start off with, I’m a massive Samsung and Android fan so saying that I fell in love with the Samsung S8+ as soon as I unboxed it won’t come as a surprise. I had an Apple iPhone for a couple of years but quickly turned to Android and I haven’t looked back since. This phone only reinforced that! When I was opening the box, it was like Christmas morning, I had heard a fair bit about it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

The sleek design is beautiful and I just loved that the screen is curved around the sides of the phone, which is one of its key features. The size may be a downside for some people but I adored it! While it did struggle to fit within some of my trouser pockets, I liked the phone far too much to let it be an issue.


The first thing I checked out was the camera to see the quality of the images I could take with it. I immediately had a play around and wasn’t disappointed at all! The camera is just amazing and even the zoom is great. I ended up using it as my main camera for private family photos, blogging and social media. For me, the camera was the best part of the phone as it’s important to me and my work. I used it so much, I had over 1000 photos to sort through at the end of the 4-week period.

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ has an ‘always on’ feature and coming from someone who checks their phone almost constantly (even if it’s just for the time), I loved it! Although, at first I was confused as to why I couldn’t lock it – ha!


Lastly, my second favourite thing about the Samsung S8+ was the battery life – one word, AMAZING! I use my phone a lot for work and just generally and my battery only needed charging every 2 or so days. If it wasn’t being used, then the battery was hardly affected, which I wish could be said for my current phone which is dead in the mornings. It also has an incredibly fast charge rate which is perfect for people like me who need their phone on them at all times. If I ever ran out of battery (which wasn’t often!) or forgot to charge it, then within half hour or so, I had a full battery again.

Before writing this review, I tried so hard to think of a few bad points of the phone, not because I wanted to be negative but because I wanted to give a balanced view. But I really don’t think there was a big problem, at least not for me. I only encountered two small problems which was with the curved screen and using emojis (yeah, yeah, I know!).

As social media is a part of my job, I also use emojis a fair bit too. I quickly found out that a lot of the emojis on the Samsung keyboard aren’t consistently translated the same on other devices. For example, if I used a ‘nervous’ emoji in a Tweet then it would come up as an ‘angry face’ on other people’s devices which was annoying as it gave a completely different context to what I was saying. Again, not a huge problem but it was annoying having to remember which ones I couldn’t use and testing them all out beforehand.


The only other down point about this phone was that I would sometimes accidentally press something that would close what I was looking at, due to the curved screen. I’m so used to being able to wrap my hands around my phone that I would forget! Not a massive problem, it just took a little getting used to the screen but I think it’d be something I’d continue doing because it’s easy to forget.

Image Quality

These pictures were taken in low light:


This picture was taken using the front camera:


This picture was taken using the zoom:


This picture was taken in natural lighting:


My Verdict

Honestly, if you couldn’t tell from my review above… I LOVED it! It is such a beautiful phone and, in my opinion, is the best phone out there right now and I so want to get my hands on one. I went on holiday a few days after handing it back and boy did I miss it, I only took 30 photos over those 7 days which is unheard of for me – I usually take that within a few hours. I still cannot get used to using my current phone almost two months later! So, it’s true, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has made me hate my phone.

Note: all images used within this post were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S8+ in varying lighting conditions and situations to give an accurate representation of the image quality. No images have been edited in anyway, other than being cropped.

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