Tips for Surviving Long Journeys with Kids + WIN a Trunki Travel Pillow


As a family, we try to go on at least one or two holidays a year and now that our little one is three years old, we’re starting to go further away. When Joshua was a baby we would travel up to 6 hours away but we haven’t done a trip that long for around two years! The longest journey that Joshua is used to now is 3 hours, however we are getting ready for our first 6 hour car journey next month! As Joshua only just manages a 3 hour trip, with copious amounts of “here now?”, we’re going to need all the help we can get!

When travelling, the shortest car journey can feel like forever, test your patience and put your stress to maximum. There’s nothing quite like being locked in a car with kids who are tired, moody, bored, hungry or all of the above!

So, here are some of my tips on how to keep your kids happy when travelling. Don’t forget to keep scrolling down to see how you can win yourself a Trunki travel pillow with online travel agent Holiday Gems.

Car Journey

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for travelling with kids, especially on longer trips. When your little one isn’t happy, neither are you, and kickstarting your holiday with everyone stressed out isn’t great.

The main winners for my son is having lots of puzzles, books (musical ones are always a favourite!), magnetic drawing board, colouring books and a tablet – yes, I’m a huge fan of the tablet! I also purchased a decent lap tray that fixes onto the back of the car seat so that he can easily play.

Another great idea is packing a lot of food! I tend to overpack on food with a huge variety because it’s better to have food leftover than to have a screaming, hungry toddler! If your kids are a bit older than you could place their packed lunch and other little bits into a shoe organiser that’s tied onto the back of the seat.

Don’t forget to make stops at service stations once every couple of hours so that you can all stretch your legs and perhaps even treat the little ones to a new toy or book to keep them extra happy and occupied.

One thing that we’ve recently got our hands on is a portable DVD player, as Joshua is starting to watch films from beginning to end, which should give us around 90 minutes of peace. Heaven!

Flying Long Distance

Most of us stick to long car journeys for a little while before attempting the plane journey, however there are the brave ones who attempt is much earlier! I’ve taken Joshua on a plane when he was around 10 months old and I did a lot of reading to get prepared.

Before getting on the plane it can seem like forever as there’s usually a few hours of waiting around. If your kid isn’t happy with just walking around then it can be a testing time – although, to be honest, mine is very happy to walk around shops and wander for a few hours!

It’s definitely worth it to pack a few travel games, a packed lunch and even some spending money so that they can treat themselves to a new toy or book while waiting. Plus, it’ll be something new to keep them occupied later on the plane!

Once you’re on the plane, if your little one is still little, then having pouches of their favourite food with attachable spoons is a great idea – especially for taking off and landing for stopping those little ears from hurting. If they’re a bit older then hard boiled sweets or even soft sweets is a bonus!

So that they are comfortable and all snuggled on the plane, having a pillow, blanket and PJs/comfy clothes are a must. You may even be lucky and have them falling asleep!

Have you done a fair few long journeys with your little ones? What are some of your top tips?

As I mentioned at the start of this post, the lovely people at Holiday Gems have provided me with a lovely Trunki travel pillow to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. This would definitely come in handy for car or plane journeys to help keep your little one comfy – especially if you’re travelling overnight.

Good luck!

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  1. Take plenty of paper, coloured pencils and a sharpener, and couple of packs of cards. You can play all sorts of kid-friendly card games such as Snap or Old Maid – with young children you can take out the higher numbers and just play with ace thru 5. If you prepare ahead you can make activity sheets to keep them occupied, such as trying to spot cars in various colours.

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