Keeping Warm This Autumn

It is officially Autumn, which is my favourite time of the year. Everything is pumpkin, the nights are getting longer, leaves are falling and it’s perfect for anyone (like me) who loves getting outside and taking photographs. But what comes with this beautiful season is the cold. Now, being completely honest I’m not one to feel the cold too often – seriously, I will continue to wear shorts out when it’s snowing!! But for those bitterly cold days when all I want to do is snuggle under a duvet all day, I follow some of these tips for keeping warm.

Layer Up!

I never buy thick coats or anything that I cannot wear all year ‘round. I’m cheap and I also yo-yo with my weight, so it’s just not practical for me! Instead I wear a t-shirt, jumper and sometimes a denim jacket over the top if I need to.


Apparently, it’s ‘weird’ to call them toasties… but that’s what they are to me! I wear them all the time in the colder weather but recently I was gifted a pair of Heat Holders and they are honestly the most comfortable and warmest socks that I’ve ever worn! They’re incredibly fluffy on the inside too which adds to the comfort. To prove just how brilliantly warm they are, I walked outside at 11pm wearing nothing but my toasties (to put the bin out, I’m not mad!) and I couldn’t feel the bitterly cold patio under my feet.

What makes them even better is that they come in a range of styles, patterns and sizes to suit everyone! Although, I prefer the two Marvel ones 😉

Some Cosy Pyjamas

Admittedly, I live in pyjama’s. As soon as I get in from the school run, off comes my clothes and I climb back into my pyjamas for the rest of the morning until the school pick up. I only have one pair of incredibly comfy pyjamas and I always pull them out when the colder months begin. They’re made of fleece so are the comfiest clothes ever and so warm!

Tip – If you’re having a bath or shower later, warm them up in the tumble dryer beforehand. I do it all the time in the evenings!

Knitted ‘Grandad’ Jumpers

My partner is always telling people whenever they’re stuck for a present for me, to get me a ‘grandad jumper’. It’s their go-to because I love them! I must have around 15 in my wardrobe at the moment. I usually buy them a size or two too big!

Dressing Gown

I never had a dressing gown until a couple of years ago (when I put it on my Christmas list!) and if you don’t have one… you should! I lounge around in mine all the time. They are cosy and so warm!

*Disclaimer – I was gifted a pair of Hulk Heat Holders in return for an honest review.

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