Ideas for the “Lonely Child” Birthday Party

Just over a month ago it was Joshua’s third birthday and we were facing yet another birthday party with just adults attending. The problem is Joshua is an only child and the youngest in his extended family. While he may have some friends at preschool, he is unable to tell us whether he would want some of them there or their names – due to his speech delay. Even if we did invite some of the children from his preschool, likely there would be just one or two turn up anyway.

So, after a third year in a row of brainstorming ideas of what kind of parties to throw without the adults getting bored and giving Joshua a great time, here are my tips for celebrating kids birthday’s without any other children attending.

Meal Out with a Difference

Luckily, in our local area we have a few restaurants that have soft play within the actual restaurant area. This allowed us to sit and eat our meal and keep an eye on Joshua at the same time. It also let Joshua come to and from the table as he wanted. It was ideal as we invited the whole family to see him, give presents and spend some time with him as well. All in all, everyone was happy!

Tea Party

I think this one is the most obvious but also a great option! For Joshua’s first birthday we decided to have a tea party around our house and invite all of his family. We had a buffet and everyone just sat and talked, played with Joshua and got to spend time with him on his birthday and make a fuss of him. They also got to give him presents and watch him ‘open them’ (or at least attempt to).

Go on a Day Out

Instead of having a traditional party, why not invite your family and friends on a big day out? It could be anywhere from a Zoo, theme park, aquarium or anywhere you think both adults and children alike will enjoy themselves. Most importantly, they get to see the birthday child and spend some time with them.

Trampoline Park

Now, we have never done this ourselves but we have seen others do it and it was on our list for Joshua’s third birthday. It’s already on our list for his fourth! Most trampoline parks have rooms that are available to hire out for parties which is perfect for those who cannot or do not want to take part in the actual jumping, instead they can enjoy watching everyone while tucking into the buffet. For the adults who can, they can get involved in the jumping with everyone else.

Have you ever had to host a party without any other children than the birthday child? How did it go? What are some of your tips for making sure everyone enjoys themselves?

DIY Daddy


One thought on “Ideas for the “Lonely Child” Birthday Party

  1. These sound like some great ideas to keep the adults and the little guy all having a good time! Happy birthday to your son! 🙂


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