Guest Post | Getting It Right

Parenting is fraught with various challenges. With social media a major part of society now, there is no shortage of opinions to be found. Whether you post a cute picture of your babies first night at home, your toddlers first taste of birthday cake or write a status checking you into your favourite fast food restaurant you are sure to encounter someone who has something to say about it.


Amelia is my first child and at five months old she is just starting to move around. I have this overwhelming desire to bubble wrap her. But how much is too much?

Of course covers over the plug sockets, stair gates and the like are necessary. You don’t want your little one taking a trip down the stairs or sticking their fingers in a plug socket. At the same time though it is impossible to protect them from everything.


Just the other day I let Amelia play on the floor. I made sure there weren’t any sharp things within reach and covered the floor in a soft blanket so that she couldn’t get carpet burn if she tried to crawl. But those measures didn’t stop her poking herself in the eye with her own fingers.

There has to be a safe balance between practical measures and letting the little ones have fun. Amelia is going to fall down a few times as she learns to walk. But that’s all part of the learning process.

As parents we just have to make sure we are there to pick them up when they fall.

You can find Lucy over on Twitter or visit her blog at Titchy Princess.


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