6 tips and tricks to keep the kids safe and sound on holiday*

A family holiday has potential to be stressful if you’re not taking the right precautions. Your kids’ safety is paramount – be sure it’s of the highest priority. Here are six necessary tips and tricks to keep the little ones safe and sound on your holidays.

Prepare a safety kit

Consider prepping your little ones with a kit that will come in handy should they find themselves in danger. More and more parents across the world are creating basic safety kits for their kids to keep with them, especially if heading out into a busy public space where the risk of separation is potentially high.

These safety kits often contain similar items – an ID card or band is a common choice, and you should label these with your own details including your phone number should your little one become lost. Another good idea is to include a family photo, as if someone is helping your child find you, they’ll know just who to look out for.

Stay vigilant

It’s important you stay cautious and aware no matter where you are. Whether it’s the threat of suspicious locals or natural dangers you need to look out for, you have to remember your children likely aren’t as concerned about their safety as you are.

Even things such as swimming in the pool require a close eye. Regardless of whether your little one can swim or not, an accident can always occur and if you’re not watching, the risk is even greater. Be sure to always keep a watchful eye over your kids and keep them out of harm’s way – going abroad means you’ll be heading into unfamiliar and potentially dangerous territory.

Pinpoint a spot to remember

If your children do become separated from you whilst you’re in a busy area, it’s going to lead to panic and frustration should you not have a plan in place to remedy it.

One of the best ways to become reunited should one of you get lost is by designating a specific location to all return to in case of an emergency. Choose an instantly recognisable spot that’s easy to get to so your little ones can easily remember how to find it. Regardless of who gets lost, it’s the best way to get back together – and CTI suggests it as necessary in their kids’ safety guide.

Lather up in sun cream

If you’re heading into a particularly warm climate – which is likely – you’re going to want to make sure you’re applying sun cream both to yourself and your kids. Although sunburn might seem like a minor issue and you may be covering up against the rays, there’s always a chance of it leading to a more serious health issue.

If you’re not taking precautions to prevent any harm from the sun, it could lead to something more serious like sunstroke – commonly experienced by those who don’t drink enough, either – or even sun poisoning, an illness which could lead to a stay in hospital. Be sure to apply sun cream regularly throughout the day to stay safe.

Choose a sensible destination

When deciding where to go for a family trip, it’s best to choose a sensible destination instead of something more challenging, such as a trip to Southeast Asia. Opt for a beach holiday for an opportunity to lay back and relax, whilst not having to worry too much about the little ones.

Your destination is perhaps the most important part of all in determining a safe location for a family holiday – do some research to determine whether your chosen spot is sensible enough.

Don’t leave them unattended

Regardless of where you are in the world, it’s important to stay with your child at all times. Even if they’re begging to go and do something alone, it isn’t worth the risk – none of you will know the location well and therefore it could be potentially dangerous to let them explore without supervision.

And again, don’t leave them alone in the pool or anywhere else that seems equally as safe. Danger can always arise even in the most unlikely of circumstances, so it’s crucial you’re never leaving your children unattended regardless of where you are and what you’re doing.

Do you have any tips for keeping your little ones safe whilst on holiday?

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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