Miffy Books | Review*

Anyone who knows Joshua, knows how much of a little bookworm he is. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he brings in a couple of his favourite books into our bedroom and demands that we read them to him. When he was a lot younger we tried so hard to get him into books but he wouldn’t have any of it – he’d scream until we stopped (ha!). So we stopped reading him books but one day he discovered his bookshelf and from then on he’s asked for story time at least twice a day!

Joshua has speech delay so reading books has definitely made a huge difference in his learning. Not only has he learnt new words and phrases but it also gives us some quiet, bonding time before bed each evening. After I’ve read him his books before bed he has to go back through them himself to retell the story from the pictures (which is so cute to watch).

Earlier this year I was sent some lovely Miffy books to review and I have been lucky enough to be sent some more and I want to share with you what both me and Joshua thought of them.

miffy books review

Miffy is Naughty

Miffy is Naughty was the first book of his set that we read together and is the one he found most enjoyable and got really involved in the story. In the story, Miffy steals from a shop and it keeps Miffy up at night and then eventually admits to what happened before going back to the shop.

Joshua always gets involved in the books he loves and comments on the story as it goes on. Joshua understood the meaning of this story and that stealing is wrong, so much so that he was telling Miffy off and giggling at how naughty Miffy was being.

miffy goes to stay

Miffy Goes to Stay

We then read Miffy Goes to Stay straight afterwards and the story is about Miffy playing with her friend and then sleeping over at her friend’s house that day. What I love about these books is that they are always so fun to read and very colourful! Each story has something children can relate to and the way it has been written is so eloquent that Joshua can’t help but talk along with the words.

You can find Miffy books on sale in Waterstones, the official Miffy store and many other online stores.

Does your little one love to read? What’s their favourite book?

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this books in return for an honest review. No links are affiliate.

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