Our October Round-Up

October has been so much fun! We have had some amazing family days out, had a little getaway and Joshua enjoyed his first trip to the theatre.

September onwards is my favourite time of the year, as every month is so different and is full of many celebrations. With birthdays, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year, it’s always busy but fun at the same time.

In October the clocks went back and the evenings are getting darker, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the dark evenings and the colder weather!

Here is what we have been up to this October.

Butlins – Minehead


We decided that we needed another little getaway before the year was over, so we headed off to Butlins Minehead for our last holiday of 2017. We have been going to Skegness since Joshua was born, so we decided to go somewhere a little different this time to see what it was like. While the Minehead resort is very different, we still had lots of fun!


We took Joshua along to see his favourite shows, met Billy Bear, spent most of our time in the Little Stars Fairground and even made it to Tots Disco a few times too. Joshua was beaming about dancing and talking to “babies” (he can’t say children, so they’re all babies). We even spent a lot of the time in the swimming pool too as Joshua has always been such a water baby.

We even had a wander around Minehead itself and found some gorgeous hidden gardens, a beach walk and enjoyed the views while letting Joshua run wild.


First Theatre Trip


As you may have read on the blog, we took Joshua to see his first show at the theatre this month. We went to see Crafty’s Creepy Castle which was absolutely brilliant for him. We have been wanting to take Joshua to see a show for some time and it was perfect for easing him into it before we attempt any Panto’s.

We even got to meet the characters and get a little goodie bag afterwards too, which he loved!

Clearing Out the Clutter

We have been thinking about the possibility of moving recently but decided to make a few changes to our home instead. We are in the perfect location for Joshua’s primary school and are settled, so why not just adapt? One of the biggest challenges was turning our dining room into Joshua’s play room. His play room isn’t quite finished but it is starting to take shape. To make way for Joshua’s play room and making a few changes around the house, we’ve had to declutter like mad and get rid of anything and everything that we just don’t use. So not only have we emptied lots of cupboard space, we also have a few extra pennies for Christmas now too!

Hand, Foot & Mouth


This month also brought Hand, Foot & Mouth back into our home for the second year in a row. Joshua managed to get it exactly a year later – bang on the same day! Thankfully, he wasn’t as ill with it as he was last year. While he had one night of hell with painful spots and only 3 hours sleep, the rest of the week was not too bad. Although he did have one day when he couldn’t walk without looking like he’d poo’d himself.

He still has a few of the spots now (mainly on his feet) but they’re all scabbed over and disappearing more every day. He’s back to his normal little terror self and driving me up the wall already – ha!



I was lucky enough to win a competition to get 4 passes into BeWILDerwood, which we used to go to their Lantern Parade night to start our Halloween celebrations. We’ve been to BeWILDerwood once before and it’s such an amazing day out. If you’re a nature and outdoor loving family, then it’s just the thing for you. The whole area has been designed so families can spend the entire day together, having quality family time and fun. So there’s no sitting down on benches and watching the little ones have fun – you can get stuck in too! That’s of course if you want to.


So, that’s what we got up to this October. What was your October highlight?

We are now getting ready for a little Halloween party this evening. The pizzas are in the oven and Scooby-Doo is on standby.

Happy Halloween!


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