Staying Safe on Bonfire Night | Firework Safety

With Bonfire Night quickly approaching and the firework displays already starting, it is the perfect time to talk about staying safe on 5th November. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous if the proper precautions have not been taken, so it is important to know what you should be doing while still having fun.

Here are some of my tips for staying safe during your home display.

Firework DO’S

  • ALWAYS wear gloves whilst holding sparklers.
  • Make sure that you DO follow the instructions on the packet properly.
  • When having a home display, DO be considerate of babies and young children. Not all children cope well with the noise levels, so be considerate and don’t hold your display too late.
  • Make sure that adults are only lighting the fireworks.
  • Before lighting the fireworks, DO make sure that everyone is aware that you are about to light them.
  • DO stand a safe distance away from the lit fireworks.
  • DO only light one sparkler at a time. Did you know that 3 sparklers lit together burn as hot as a blowtorch?
  • ONLY use fireworks that are suitable for home use. They will be marked with the British Standard number (BS7114).

Firework DON’T’S

  • Make sure that you DO NOT give sparklers to children under the age of 5.
  • DO NOT let your pets (dog, cats etc) outside during the display. They will feel and be safer indoors where they can hide away.
  • Before lighting the fireworks, remove all flammable materials.
  • DO NOT leave the burnt fireworks on the floor, store them in a bucket of water.
  • DO NOT light your bonfire without checking for hiding pets or wild animals first. Many animals will sleep and hide away to keep warm.

978-1-907978-12-8 _cover

Have you read Remember, Remember by Sue Whitaker? It is a powerful story about firework safety.

“Imagine your life being rudely and dramatically changed… it’s the 5th of November, and a firework in the wrong hands spells trouble for Carla and changes her life forever. Read this inspirational story of one girl’s fight to overcome the stigma of disfigurement and how a few kind words from an unexpected source, turned thoughts of revenge into a passion for helping others.”


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