Pampers vs Asda’s Little Angels Nappies

When Joshua was a tiny new born, we automatically went for the biggest brand out there for our nappies because they were the most trusted, right? But as the months went on, we started to test out a few different brands such as Aldi’s Mamia and Tesco Loves Baby. But we never found another brand that quite measured up to Pampers, until now.

We chose Pampers when Joshua was first born because it was the biggest name on the shelf, so we trusted their quality. Not wanting to have our baby be uncomfortable, we went for the safe choice. The quality of Pampers is very hard to beat and during our 3 years of using them, we’ve never had any reason to switch other than the price.

Pampers never leaked once, unless Joshua was poorly (cue images of exploding nappies!), the quality and protection was brilliant and Joshua never seemed to be uncomfortable in them as they were very soft inside.

Other Brands

We tried a mixture of other brands and own brands over the years and we were never satisfied with them. They were often very thin, so it didn’t feel like it offered much protection, and they always leaked – especially during night time. Joshua would leak a fair bit during the day time, but it wasn’t too much of an issue, we just had to make sure to change him more frequently. However, when it came to night time, Joshua was always waking up soaking wet through which always went through to the mattress. It got to the point that we were washing his bed sheets every single day. It was far too much hassle and expense to keep using them.


Until Joshua hit 3 years old, no other brand was working for us. But two months ago, we decided to give Asda’s Little Angels a try to see whether it was worth the savings we could make. Surprisingly, we found very little difference between the two and Joshua seems to be getting on absolutely fine with them.

The only grumble that we have is that ever since we switched, Joshua has been itching around that area which he never did with Pampers. So, we’ve had to start using Sudocrem once again to act as a barrier. Since then, they’ve been perfect.

To be fair, Asda’s Little Angels could be working out great because the amount that he goes has lessened. We never tried them out during the new born stage, so cannot say how they’d have measured up back then. But for us right now, they’re absolutely fine!


Our family favourite remains Pampers because the quality just cannot be beaten. When it comes to your little one, often the price you pay does make a difference and it’s worth it when their health is concerned. However, we continue to use Asda’s Little Angels purely because of the saving and combat the issue with itchiness by using Sudocrem.

Extra Saving Tip: We tend to buy around one month to 6 weeks supply at one time and we’ve found that Asda is always the cheapest for Pampers, if that’s your brand of choice. We always buy in their 2 for £18 offer which lasts us at least one month.

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