4 Things to Do with Kids in Lowestoft

Lowestoft is a popular tourist area with many resorts such as Pontins and Park Resorts on our doorstep, so there will always be plenty to do for families. In fact, the area is very family oriented.

But here are just 4 things that you can do with kids in Lowestoft, whether you are on holiday or living in the area.


In Lowestoft you have a selection of parks to choose from such as Normanston Park and Nicholas Everitt Park. No whatever what area of Lowestoft you are in, there is bound to be at least one park within a short walk or drive away.


We tend to stick with Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad, as it’s the biggest and the best in our opinion – but it depends on what you’re little ones like. You can park at the onsite parking and then take a short walk to the play area. But the play area definitely isn’t all that’s there! Surrounding the park is a tennis court, inflatable slide & bouncy castle (in good weather), trampolines and little boat rides (in good weather), a duck pond and of course you can walk along the waterside to look out for boats passing through. You also have two cafes to choose from, ice cream stalls and a museum on site too.

Our second favourite is Sparrows Nest which has a small play area and lots of space for children to run around on the grass. Sparrows Nest also has a few different restaurants and places to get a drink, with also the Lighthouse Café being a short walk away too. When we visit here we tend to go for a walk to Ness Point, which is the most easterly point in Britain, and take a walk along the seafront. As you get further down the seafront there is also a nature reserve to visit too!

Adventure Island Play Park

Adventure Island is a soft play area for children of all ages. The pirate themed soft play caters for babies as well as older children. They have a dedicated area for babies as well as two areas for toddlers and a large area for older children. While they have the different areas, your child can play wherever they feel confident enough to join in! They also have a disco room at the side too.

We have been visiting since our little one was around a year old and we’ve always taken him into the larger area, so there’s no restrictions for parents with more than one child to keep an eye on.

Adventure Island also have a café that serves a range of meals and drinks. Their admission prices vary according to the day or time, but for weekends it’s £5.50 for children over the age of 2 and babies are always free.

Is it the best soft play in Lowestoft? That’s for you to decide, but it’s definitely the biggest!

Walk Along the Seafront

If you’re a family who loves being outdoors and going for walks, then the seafront is perfect regardless of the weather as there’s always lots to do. If you start from South Beach then you will find the water fountains which children usually play in when it’s warmer, South Pier and a few shops that sell doughnuts, hot food and gifts. As you walk along the seafront there are a range of food & drink stalls, including milkshake stalls, plenty of restaurants and cafes, play areas, adventure golf, soft play, arcades and Claremont Pier at the other end.


When we visit the seafront we tend to walk from South Pier right down to the other end, which is a 30 minute walk without stopping. We visit some of the arcades along the way and usually end up walking on the beach itself before grabbing a drink somewhere.

There is a bike path so if you and your family like to cycle, then a bike ride along the seafront is a good option too.

Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills is the local theme park and is brilliant for both young and older children. Pleasurewood Hills have a smaller area specifically for younger children, but the rest of the park can be enjoyed by them too if they like a bit more of a thrill.

Aside from the rides, they also have a ski-lift type ride that takes you from one side of the park to the other and also have a decent sized outdoor play area.

We took our little one for his second birthday and we walked around the whole theme park and did most of the rides with him, apart from the bigger thrill rides. We arrived when it opened at 10am and stayed until closing because there was so much to do!

Have you visited Lowestoft before? What’s your favourite thing to do?

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