From Cultural Yawn To A Holiday Your Kid Will Mourn

Parents often travel with their kids in an attempt to expose them to new cultures. What better way to show them the world and help them learn new languages? The trouble being that the majority of kids out there don’t care about ‘culture’. What does it matter to them if Barcelona has some iconic chapel sticking out of it like a sore thumb? That kind of thing isn’t even on their wavelength yet, and nor should it be. For proof, think back to your childhood holidays. Did you care about the sights, or did you just want to hit the beach and have fun? Without a doubt, most people would associate with the the latter. And, your kids probably feel the same.

So, it’s past time you scrapped the idea of cultural learning on your travels. Once your kid hits their teen years, you might be able to revisit your attempts. For now, though, these tips may be the best way to find a holiday your child can enjoy.

Put yourself in their shoes

First, put yourself in your child’s shoes. How would you feel at four years old, traipsing around museums and looking at meaningless buildings? Imagine how boring it is for them! Not to mention that the scorching heat makes everything worse. It’s hardly a toddler’s ideal situation. No matter where your next holiday is, practice putting yourself in their shoes every time you plan an excursion. Think how much they would enjoy it. If you’re in doubt, the chances are said outing will be dull for them.

Consider what would pique their interest

Instead, consider providing a holiday they can enjoy. Sorry to break it to you, but culture doesn’t make an appearance on this list. Instead, poolside play and trips to local zoos should be top of your agenda. Seeing new species of animals is still a cultural experience of a sort if you think about it. And, it’s one your kid can enjoy.

As they get older, you may even want to think about sporting holidays which will keep them intrigued. Booking into somewhere like the Chalet Les Bartavelles in Meribel and taking them skiing in the French alps is sure to keep them occupied. Or, you could head to the Czech Republic for a pop at the Telegraph’s best cycling holiday. Notice that none of these options involves the much-dreaded sightseeing!

Accept that kids like to play in the pool

child_girl_sea_waves_fun_ocean_wetsuit_sunglasses-1335935 (1)

Pxhere Image

For those of us who love to keep busy when we go away, nothing’s worse than the idea of staying by the pool. But, sometimes, that’s all your kids will want to do. Often, the best way to keep them happy abroad is to let them make friends with kids in your hotel. And, the only way to do that is to give them plenty of pool time. Remember, though, that this holiday is really all about them. Suck it up, take a good book, and let them show you what they enjoy best.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post.

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