Have a Very Merry F**king Christmas | Lead Balloons Giveaway

Whether it is our birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or our anniversary, both me and my partner love giving each other unusual presents. We both have the same sense of humour – sarcastic. While other couples are cuddling up and buying each other well-thought out romantic gifts, we’re calling each other c**ts. Yep, we’re THAT couple!

That’s why when I was approached to collaborate with Lead Balloons to bring you one brilliant giveaway that is set to offend everyone in your family – I jumped at the chance!

logo (1)

Lead Balloons sell abusive balloons for every occasion, but this year they have made a Christmas pack which I’m giving one of my readers the chance to win.


To be in with the chance to win, follow the link & instructions* below.

Click Here to Enter

*Please note that the mailing list you will be joining is ONLY for this competition. Your details will not be used for anything else other than to contact you if you are the lucky winner. You are NOT signing up to receive regular emails by myself or the mailing list for this blog.

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