Review: Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Set*

When I got offered to be sent a Scalextric set, I would be lying if I said I didn’t totally say yes because I wanted one to play with for myself. I had Scalextric as a kid and it was a flashback to my childhood. I remember spending years playing with Scalextric sets with my brother growing up and I’ve often mentally noted that I should get one for Joshua (*cough* me *cough*).

When the day came and a huge box arrived at our house, I knew exactly what it was. My son was convinced that it was yet another birthday present for him (seriously, this kid has had 7 birthdays in the past two months… it’s getting ridiculous!).

I decided to keep it boxed up, I would say that I wanted to surprise him, but I just didn’t want the hassle of building something while a hyper toddler clambered all over me, grabbing pieces and running away with them. Nope, nope, nope!

The next morning, I took Joshua to preschool and rushed home to get on with work and managed to get finished early so that I could get building in peace, ready to show him when he got back home later.


My first impression when I opened up the box was that the whole set has been built and designed so amazingly and it is so much stronger than I remember them being. The track is thick and sturdy and genuinely feels like it will last years to come – right through Joshua’s childhood.

The connector on the bottom of the cars keep the cars on the track well, even at high speeds and around the corners. The detail on the cars alone are amazing, even close up! The whole set was so simple to set up and even though I wasn’t looking forward to it, it couldn’t have been easier. The directions were so easy to follow and made for people like me (those who just cannot read instructions).


The set came with a power adaptor so that it can work from the mains, which is a parents dream. Honestly, one of the worst parts of raising little humans is that I have to change dead batteries far too often. I’ve lost count of how many toys that are currently waiting somewhere to have new batteries put in – they won’t, they’ll be there until Joshua eventually grows out of the toy anyway.

The connectors for connecting the triggers and mains adaptor is very simple – 3 plugs, 3 slots… sorted.

When I went to pick Joshua up from preschool, I told him along the walk back that I had a big treat waiting for him. Somehow he guessed it would be cars. He ran into the sitting room and screaming “WOOOOOOOW!!!!”, which was the exact response I was looking for.


We ended up playing for 6 hours that day! Joshua had to learn how hard to press the button on the trigger so that he doesn’t make the cars come off the track, but he soon got the hang of it. Meanwhile, we just had a couple of hours of the cars flying through the air which resulted in one of the cars breaking at one point, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault but our own. It left the car out of action for a few hours while it got fixed, but we soon figured out that the wheels had popped up into the body a little bit.

What I liked about the set was that you can adjust the speed on the controllers, which is perfect for kids. There is also an automatic lap counter so you can keep an eye on who’s winning – for those who are competitive. Additionally, you can also build 4 different circuits, so you can never get bored. Although, we designed a different one ourselves, so it is obviously very flexible and you can do what you want with it. The only problem with the circuits is that if you use the stands to make a bridge, the cars have a little issue with getting up the hill on their own. Not a major problem, but it does ruin it slightly when you have to keep helping the car up every few seconds.


Joshua loved spending quality time and playing with us, so this gave us some real good quality time today – 6 hours of it! The box says that it is recommended for ages 5+, and while I agree, Joshua is 3 years old and is getting on with it perfectly well. So don’t get put off by the age on it! Just make sure that your little one isn’t going to be really rough otherwise you will end up with broken cars. While a lot of the bits will clip back on or fix quite well, it’s extra hassle and stress you can do without.


Our Verdict

It would honestly make the best Christmas present for both children and adults alike. It’s been on my list for a while now and I’m over the moon with it. My partner has even suggested we have a battle tonight – bring it on!

You can purchase one of these sets by clicking on this link – don’t worry, I’m not making any money from any purchases using this link!

*Disclaimer: I was kindly sent this set in return for an honest review.

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