Review: My Sensory Crate | Monthly Subscription Box*

My little one, Joshua, is 3 years old and although he has yet to be diagnosed, we suspect that he has autism. On an ever-growing list, sensory seeking is one of the most predominant. Whether it’s for calming down, relaxing or just having fun, it’s one of the ways we are able to help his meltdowns or keep him entertained/happy. One of his favourites at the moment is skin, specifically mine. As soon as he wakes up he has to feel up and down my arms and then makes me sit next to him throughout the day so that he can continue doing it. It’s actually one of the ways we were able to take him to see a firework display this year! Paired with ear defenders, allowing him to sensory seek kept him calm enough to somewhat enjoy them. After they finished, he was so pleased with himself that he managed to do it.

With Joshua needing sensory toys, I was so excited when My Sensory Crate asked me to review one of their monthly subscription boxes. While they aren’t the first, it was the first subscription box for children with autism and/or sensory processing disorders that I’ve ever come across and I’m so happy that they are starting to emerge.

my sensory crate

What’s In a ‘My Sensory Crate’ Box?

In every box, the receiver will get a selection of toys or activities that are all things sensory. The items inside are designed to keep children engaged and allow them to explore.

Joshua’s Box:


*Not everything that was in the box is pictured as Joshua dived straight in!

Joshua genuinely loved everything he got in his box, especially the dinosaur egg and squeezey ball. When I spotted the bath strudel, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Joshua loves bath time and water play, so trying out this ‘kid bath bomb’ was going to be interesting!

Would I Order Again?

Typically, a box costs £24.99, although they do offer discounts if you place an ongoing subscription for a specified amount of time. While Joshua loved everything that he got within his box and still plays with them to this day, I’m not too sure that what we got was completely worth the price I would have paid.

But I would happily place an order for another box to see whether it was a one-off. The most important part for me was that Joshua got from it what it said on the tin, and it definitely followed through!

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this box in return for an honest review. All opinions and photographs are my own.


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