Review: Personalised Wrapping Paper | Pretty Gifted

*This post is in association with Pretty Gifted

Regardless of the occasion, we always try to gift something personalised or hand-made; it adds that special touch that makes it more personal. But something we never thought about was purchasing personalised wrapping paper, that is until we heard about Pretty Gifted. Pretty Gifted offer high quality wrapping paper that can be completely personalised by you, using their customising tools.


To place your order, simply pick from the selection of colours for the paper and then add the text you wish. You can also customise the font, text colour as well as adding in icons (a star, tree, heart etc).

From September on-wards, we have a lot of birthdays, anniversaries and other types of celebrations in the family. I customised some wrapping for Jamie, to make his present extra special this year. After some playing around with all the online tools, I decided to keep it simple with his name and his favourite colours – black and blue. I went for a simplistic look, however you can get as creative as you like!


Included with your order, you will also receive a gift tag and metallic pen, ready to get wrapping as soon as it arrives!

With one sheet costing you £7.95, it isn’t the cheapest way of wrapping presents but it is perfect for those special occasions where you really want to make it special.


*Disclaimer: I was gifted this wrapper paper in return for an honest review.

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