Review: Personalised Wrapping Paper | Pretty Gifted*

Whether it’s someone’s birthday or Christmas, I always try to either gift something that has been personalised or hand-made. I think it adds a special touch to gift giving. If you have put that extra thought and effort, it makes it that much more personal.

But I have never thought about purchasing personalised wrapping paper, that is until I heard about Pretty Gifted. Pretty Gifted offer high quality wrapping paper that has been completely personalised by you.


When you are placing your order, you get to pick out the colours for the paper and the text you are personalising it with. You also get to pick out of their selection of fonts as well as adding in a little icon (tree, star etc).

From September onwards it is full of birthdays and anniversaries in our family. But I knew that the gift wrap had to be for my partner. After thinking about what text to personalise it with, I simply chose his name. I played around with some icons but decided not to add any in on this occasion.


Pretty Gifted also add another little touch by sending your personalised gift wrap with a gift tag and a metallic pen, ready to get wrapping! I genuinely thought this was such a nice touch.

With one sheet costing you Β£7.95, it isn’t the cheapest way of wrapping presents but it is perfect for those special occasions where you really want to make it special.

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this wrapper paper in return for an honest review.

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