Review: Prezzo | 3-Course Meal with Wine for £30

During the months before my birthday, my partner was struggling to find somewhere to take me for my birthday meal. Eventually, he settled on Prezzo and found that there was a deal for a 3-course meal with a glass of wine for two, for just £30! It was too much of a bargain to miss, so it was decided!

We went to Prezzo on Thorpe Road, Norwich.

The deal was found through Wowcher, however we had to book our meal online directly through BuyaGift. The booking process was slightly confusing as we received three different confirmation codes and weren’t entirely sure which one was the one we had to use. But we figured it all out and got booked in without any problem.

We turned up slightly early for our booking but it wasn’t a problem and got seated straight away. Upon arrival, we were met by a member of staff who picked out our menus and led us to our table.


We were given a separate menu to everyone else which made deciding what we wanted a whole lot easier. We have been to restaurants before who ran similar deals but we had been given the usual menu and listed off by the waitress which dishes we were allowed – often forgetting and ordering whatever we could remember. The only slight let down (and it really is slight) with the menu was that there was no choice to upgrade to a dish from the usual menu for extra, if we wanted to.

The menu itself had a fair bit of choice and had at least one dish suitable for everyone. However, I feel it was a bit too basic. If you don’t like spicy food (like us) then you really only had 3 options for your main. I thought the starters and dessert option had quite a good choice, it was just a shame that the restaurant had run out of most of it by the time of our booking – typical!

When it came to ordering our wine, I was surprised that we only had two options – House Red or House White. Not being a fan of either, as I much prefer Rose, I went for the Red and was disappointed that it tasted incredibly watered down. I had to wait for our food to come so I could drink it with something to help remove the taste.

For the food, I decided to go for the Crab Cakes, Spaghetti Bolognese and Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream. Unlike a lot of other restaurants with deals, the portions were definitely not scrimped on – in fact, we struggled to finish it all! All of our food was cooked perfectly and was so lovely that I woke up the next day wanting to eat it all over again.


I would definitely recommend Prezzo’s to anyone, especially this deal for those who are looking for a nice meal out on a budget. However, it would be great to see Prezzo offering the option to upgrade to dishes from the usual menu to give customers that extra choice. But I cannot fault the food itself (other than the wine!) as it all came out perfectly.

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