Combating Exhaustion Caused By Sleep Snatchers

Children. Beautiful creatures that love us unconditionally. They rely on us for every whim, every need and every cuddle. They are a little piece of immortality right here on earth, but my goodness they are tiring!

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Sleep is a precious commodity in life. We need at least six solid hours of sleep to be able to function for the next day, and even then, sometimes that isn’t enough! When you have children, all preconceived notions of sleep go fluttering out of the window, along with your hopes and dreams for the future. All that matters anymore is getting a thirty-minute nap in the day so that you can feel human. We’ve all heard the platitudes about how it’s all worth it. We’ve heard how we should all be grateful for the lack of sleep, and those cuddles won’t last forever. However, when you’re in the thick of a period of colic with a new baby who only screams and doesn’t rest, it can play havoc with your health.

Sleep isn’t just important for the rest, it’s a way for your body to repair itself. Sleep deprivation has been used in the past as a method of torture in war time; so that should give you an idea of how difficult it can be! Combating the exhaustion that you feel when you haven’t slept is key, and the quicker you get on top of that feeling, the better. So, how can you make yourself feel human, when the sleep snatchers that you created are having none of it?


  1. Support is probably the most important thing you need as a tired parent. Parental exhaustion isn’t the same as work exhaustion or the tired feeling you have after being in the gym for a few hours. You need to partner up with your co-parent and sleep in shifts, if necessary, but supporting each other is the only way you will get through the next day without going foetal and crying your eyes out in sheer exhaustion.
  2. Getting to grips with Mark Bowden’s hypnosis downloads to cope with sleep issues is another great way to get over the feeling of desperation you have when you need a nap. Exhaustion can cause so much more than a desperate need for coffee and fresh air; your mental health can be totally zapped from lack of sleep. Hypnosis is a great way to relax the mind and encourage a solid sleep, as long as you have back up for the baby who is still going to wake up in the night.
  3. It may feel like a good idea to sleep when your new baby sleeps, but when there are other children to care for or a house to clean, it can feel impossible. What we will say is that the house can wait! Get some support for other children in the house but you need to rest when you can when you have a new baby.

A baby is a blessing, but these little sleep snatchers that we invite into our lives have a lot to answer for. Don’t worry, though, one day they’ll sleep, and you really will miss those midnight snuggles.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post.

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