Review: Sudocrem Care and Protect

*This post is in association with Sudocrem

We recently made the switch from Pampers to a cheaper brand of pull-up pants for Joshua. The reason? Purely to save a few pennies! Having children can be expensive, so anywhere we can save is a win.

We have found that Asda’s Little Angels pull-up pants are around half the price of Pampers, so it was well worth the swap. However, Joshua has started having a bit of irritation that we believe may be the cause of the new pull-ups. Joshua has been lucky and has never suffered with nappy rashes.

With Joshua having some irritation with the change, we started using Sudocrem Care & Protect to see if it helped clear it.

Sudocrem Care & Protect

Sudocrem is a big brand in baby products and they have a range of creams aimed to combat nappy rashes and the like. Sudocrem Care & Protect offers triple protection for skin, especially for little ones who are prone to nappy rashes, by helping to seal in the skins natural moisture.

Has it Made a Difference?

We started using Sudocrem Care & Protect a few weeks ago and we have really noticed the difference. Joshua has gone from itching throughout the day and being covered in spots and it has completely stopped the itchiness! I didn’t apply the cream at every nappy change, but just first thing in the morning as well as before bed.

Joshua’s pull-up pants appear to no longer be bothering him at all and his bum has also healed up from all spots – everything has vanished!

Would I Recommend Sudocrem Care & Protect?

I would definitely recommend Sudocrem Care & Protect to any parent with little ones still in nappies or pull-ups, who have irritable or sensitive skin. It has worked amazingly on Joshua and we will definitely be purchasing it from now on.


*Disclaimer: I was gifted a sample of Sudocrem Care and Protect in return for an honest review.

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