Review: Sudocrem Care and Protect*

As I spoke about in a previous post, we have recently switched to using a cheaper brand of pull-up pants as opposed to our usual Pampers. The reason? Simply to save a few pennies! As Asdaโ€™s Little Angels pull-up pants are around half the price of Pampers for us, it was well worth for swap. However, Joshua has since suffered with irritation which he never really experienced before. We have been lucky over the past 3 years as Joshua has hardly ever had a nappy rash and I firmly believe it was thanks to Pampers and using Sudocream.

With Joshua suffering with some irritation with the change, I was pleased when I was sent some Sudocrem Care & Protect to try out. I was interested to see whether it made any difference at all.

Sudocrem Care & Protect

This particular Sudocrem has been designed to offer triple protection for skin that is prone to nappy rashes, by helping to seal in the skins nature moisture.

When I started applying the Sudocrem Care & Protect a few weeks ago, Joshua was itching almost every few minutes throughout the day and he was starting to come out in a few spots here or there, nothing major at the time but it was something I wanted to nip in the bud before it developed further. I started applying the Care & Protect cream every morning and sometimes in the evening (if I remembered).

Has it Made a Difference?

In a word โ€“ yes! Since we started using Sudocrem Care & Protect Joshua has genuinely completely stopped itching his bottom and his pull-up pants appear to not be bothering him at all. His bum has also healed up and his spots that were starting to appear have completely vanished. Whether the spots were temporary or the starting of nappy rash, Iโ€™m not sure but they never developed into anything further.

Would I Recommend Sudocrem Care & Protect?

Based on our experience of it, I would definitely recommend it to anyone with young children still in nappies or even if you are an adult struggling with sensitive skin. It has genuinely done the trick and Joshua is no longer suffering with any irritation at all!

*Disclaimer: I was gifted a sample of Sudocrem Care and Protect in return for an honest review.

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